Hook, An Essential Tool in the Fishing

The brush hook, commonly known in most of the countries of Latin America, is a fundamental tool for every fisherman in sites of fishing with a height determined and very used in fishing boats. It is of vital importance that if don’t know this attachment you start to relate with, as I can assure you my friend that you’ll get several predicament to draw water to a specimen of good size. In the article of will talk a little bit about the hook, which is actually the same, types of hook, thus its optimal use in hooking the fish.

If you still don’t know it, the hook is nothing more than an attachment designed for attachment to the good size fish that hit shore after captured, to avoid having to put them hands up while alive, or to avoid having to upload them directly thread fish at a certain height.

Mostly the Cape is made of aluminium or wood with a hook or good size hook on the tip of it, which does the work of anzuelar the fish once Sin it to the shore. Out of aluminum, on many occasions I have seen them adjustable, i.e. you can modify the length of the hook to your convenience depending on the height from which you’re fishing. The increased use of adjustable hook is precisely in places where the height is a bit uncomfortable to get to the water, so that regulating it, you can do much more easy to hitch.

What are species that more I recommend that you use the hook?

I think in any species that captures you have more than 5 lbs at a glance you must use it, but with more insistence, you should do this with species such as the use, the saw, the Tarpon, even if you click any big brunette also you must use them. You never raise a use to the surface without embicherado before, since they are very aggressive in and out of the water, and is something dangerous to try to catch a hand clean use once hit it to the banks, since the teeth are very dangerous, comparable with a shark.

In the case of the Tarpon is not teeth, but through the gills that possess an ABYSMAL edge, therefore use the hook properly here is paramount. In the end any species that you can click and to bring closer it to the bank notes at a glance that has over 5 lbs, you should use the brush hook without thinking about it 2 times.

I make a personal recommendation in terms of something…, try to not be yourself which uses the hook at the same time you have to fish in the shank, give to your fishing partner responsible for embicherarlo, or if alone, then treat that left some of the fishermen of your around can help you with this activity.

In summary:

I recommend to always take it with you, if you do not want to buy it you can yourself make one and use it, you don’t need to make it look spectacular, only that functions well. You should always use it if it is a species with sharp teeth which pudistes hook.

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