How Do I Choose The Right Child Backpack Carrier

The child backpack is a must-have accessory, whether you go on a trip… Every child needs for school: to go to kindergarten, school,… and for his hobbies: for the pool, activities, and with friends… Often we just found effortlessly and yet, it is not necessary to pay too much to have a practical and comfortable for your little backpack!

I’ll give you tips about How to choose your child’s backpack

A backpack for what occasion?

Bag / satchel for school:

It’s usually when children begin their education (or kindergarten) they receive their first backpack! Need not be large, it is especially to put the pacifier, the Don, and one or 2 toys.

In kindergarten, not really need to respect the instructions given by schoolteachers, the binders requested are indeed too large for our piece of cabbage. They will not need to include a notebook every day. It’s just for the blanket and snacks. Slide a plastic bag in the binder to put notebooks that come from time to time at home and basta!

Mini traveller continued in the dinosaur with a small very suitable Binder theme to its size.

For adults, the bags backpack type Läßig can do the trick because large enough.

Sports bag for pool, for an activity, and at the beach:

As soon as your small child begins school extracurricular activities, it will take a dedicated backpack. This bag must be large enough to put judo equipment / dance etc…In this case, an original bag fits well because it allows to be easily spotted among those friends, and the bag is not worn often. Animal models of at Little Life for 4 / 8 years or Cuties and Pals (for the 4 / 6 years) can quite agree.

Here Miss traveller 8 years with the same pattern as his brother.

The top is an waterproof bagfor the pool, our chicks are unable to roll a swimsuit soaked in a towel! So better than the water from dripping on the jacket or other.

Miss traveler has adopted a shark from Trunki, a large format, 4 years. Ultra light, he also accompanied us in extra in Sardinia bag, because the advantage is once you empty, it can bend very compact.The capacity is large enough to also make a bag back for a day of walk.

Mini traveller who will start in the spring pool has already previewed the model Paddlepack lobster because he is a fan of the red.

Always for the sport, but especially for sport co. An alternative to the backpack, with plenty of room for storage, it is the Läßig sport bagwith shoulder strap and compartment for shoes, very convenient for the outdoor sports.

For ballads hiking bag:

As soon as you leave longer walk with your children, pay attention to the quality and comfort of the backpack.

Last year, accompanying the small section of my son’s kindergarten class to take a walk on snowshoes, I saw many children struggle with their little backpack! Most had no chest strap and bags fell on the arms of children, preventing them from moving forward in a comfortable way.

Miss traveler takes now for our hiking and travel, backpack Boll, a real backpack adventurer… It is the virus of the backpack is there… maybe a future bacpacker in 10 years…

The criteria to choose the bag to your child

To choose the background of your child, here are the important points to take into account based on usage of this bag.

Comfortable and adjustable straps

Key point: the straps should be padded, well placed on the shoulders of the child. We need to address them based on clothing that carries the child under the bag.

An adjustable chest strap

A chest strap to avoid the straps slide on the arm if they are poorly adjusted. If you take a bag harness is also a security point, avoiding that the child escapes from the straps of the bag.

A padded back

If the bag is brought to carry a water bottle or a box bento, provide a comfortable, back for the child does not feel the accessories he would be disinclined in his backpack. A back ventilated to avoid sweating can also be a point to consider, even if most of the time the bag will not worn for a long time!

The ability of the child bag

Do not take a bag too big backpack, suspenders would be well placed on the shoulders of your little ones, the bottom of the bag would type her on the butt etc… Choose a suitable size even if it means changing bag from time to time. 3 to 20 l maximum for children up to 12 years approximately.

The structure of the bag: hard or soft

We offer in our shop, with flexible or rigid backpack. The choice will depend on the use, but the rigid bag helps protect the toys and fragile things.

The Organization of the bag

More your bag will have pockets, better it will be organized… But is it not too difficult for a child to remember where things are stored. In general, the pockets are more numerous in the bags of the largest who are starting to pack their things and knowing where they put their objects themselves.

Our selection of child backpack

For 0-3 years

The sacs harness Little Life, Skip-Hop or The Cuties and Pals are really pretty, strong and original. You can put a blanket or a small snack. Your child will be delighted and proud to have its own bag. Their size is well suited to the small tips.

For 4-8 years

The Skip-Hop, Little Life, and The Cuties and Pals brands also offer a nice selection of bags that will follow your children in all their extracurricular activities. Trunki offers waterproof bags for the beach or the pool.

By their shape, Läßig backpacks will be most suitable to serve as a binder, for elementary school students.

Boll also made a real bag backpack hiking for children of this age there. A little less storage than in the larger bag. It is very comfortable, adjusts easily, and also your children will love to have a true hiking bag.

For 8-12 years

Boll bag is the bag of hiking for 8-12 years. There are several different colours (red, green, blue). Plenty of pockets, a back padded, breathable, comfortable, adjustable straps. Plenty of pockets for storing the flashlight, the gourd, the Swiss army knife. 20l capacity, we are not far from the real bag of adventurer!

A bag for school or other sporting activity: Läßig Starlight bag is the most suitable.

So, now you no longer have to hesitate to choose the bag of your child, check all the boxes and make your choice! All these bags and backpacks are of course on our shop at