How Often is There to Wash the Pajamas?

Men every two weeks and the women clean it every 17 days, according to a study that recommended each week

He is sleeping, but nonetheless must be neglecting their hygiene. A study of the company’s Ergoflex mattresses has developed a United Kingdom survey which suggests that men wear Pajamas for nearly two weeks before washing, a period that stretches up to 17 days in the case of women. This custom can be very harmful to health that, as Sally Bloomfield, Professor at the school of hygiene and Tropical Medicine, defends the use of bedding for so long may cause infections of the skin, cystitis and even infection with Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium resistant to many common antibiotics. Bloomfield said that pyjamas are in contact with our skin, which shed cells at a high speed. These cells are full of micro-organisms. We all have bodies in the skin and intestine which are usually not harmful, but if they get in the wrong place can cause problems”. Why, he said “quite a few people are carriers of Staphylococcus bacteria, which can cause infections if they get into wounds and bruises. All carry e. Coli bacteria in our intestines. Once again, the majority of strains are not harmful, but if they get into the urinary tract may cause an infection, advises “ABC”.

The excuses given by the women in trying to justify why not wash more often the Pajama top is that they alternate the use of different pieces, so the 54 per cent does not remember how often the lava. More than half (51 per cent) indicated that they do not need to wash them regularly because “only used a few hours at night”.

For its part, the men blamed women and 73 percent said that they are not responsible for the washer and use what they have more hand. 61 percent said queno have many bed clothes to choose from according to COUNTESSSLEEPWEAR.COM.

Bloomfield said that if there is contamination of clothes during the night, to put it in the washing machine other garments can become contaminated and spread it to people that we live in every day. For this reason, advised that these garments are wash at least once a week: “” washing should be finished with the microbes most, but not all if the garment has been used for two weeks. The clothes are not clean at all because the microbes have been strengthened”, he said.

The habits of sleep and hygiene survey was conducted among 2.410 British couples aged between 18 and 30 years. All couples were romantically involved at the time of the survey, but only 61 per cent said that they shared the bed with someone.

The most popular options among women were the traditional Pajamas two-piece (37 per cent), only underwear (28 per cent) and Nightgowns (26 per cent). In the same way, the most popular choices among men were underwear (38 per cent), Pajama pants/shorts (35 per cent) and Pajamas two piece (19 per cent).