How to Accessorize Your Outfit?

You found the perfect combination for your female form? If you answer no, perhaps you have forgotten an important element … as the belt! Our site tells you how to accessorize this super trendy clothing and avoid the fashion faux pas.

Accessorize My Combination: an Essential Step

Like the little black dress, the woman combination is a very good start for a successful outfit. But it is even more likely when you accessorize, to avoid the “uniform”!

Depending on the occasion and the model will be chosen to carry up to 5 accessories to place wisely. A low-cut combination? Perfect to wear a necklace! Sleeves rolled up? We leave her bracelets! A combination denim? It dons a newsboy. The idea is to mix styles and feminize this outfit, originally reserved for men. If wearing a khaki suit for example, is avoided to add a hat, especially if it’s brown, to avoid looking like a fisherman …

I’m in Town: What to Wear with My Combi?

By day, the woman combination is worn casual version, with some jewelry and a beautiful branded bag. Nine times out of ten, the combination required to be belted at the waist to fit your body. It is therefore thought well to seek a belt, before trying his combi! Large, thin, simple or more decorative: all models are allowed! You decide if you wear rather loose on the hips or cinched at the waist. The two usually go well. As for shoes, one can opt for the flat without problem, especially if wearing short playsuit. If one is afraid of not being enough women in jumpsuit, one put on a glamorous makeup with iridescent cheeks, red fuchsia lips and flawless manicure. And why not try the nail art? If the door combi 1970 version, then plays the hippie look to the end: let loose hair, parted in the middle, eyeliner and eyelashes XXL, long necklaces and sunglasses fly. Here at Sourcemakeup you can get more different models of the fashion makeup.

I Go Out Tonight: How to Accessorize My Combination?

The woman combination is perfect for going out. By cons, it is better not to be shy and take his style 100%! Starting with a good foundation, we choose a solid model (or bicolor) and structured (waist, shoulders). A low-cut cutting, chest or back, is welcome! We do not hesitate to test hairstyles which we never think: a high ponytail, smoothed with gel, big voluminous curls, a mat on the side … As the combi is usually fairly opaque, it can afford to make a ton! Creole, fancy gold jewelry, bronzer … Finally, do not hesitate a second and we dare the heels. J-Lo had better watch out!

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