How to Choose a Wedding Ring

If afford a ring or crack on a beautiful mount can prove to be easy, choose alliances for her wedding is always a tricky business … and for good reason.

As someone who has been wearing a wedding ring on the occasion of my marriage, I was lucky to have alliances gold chiseled s jewelery offered by my friend and witness my marriage, fortunately she knew more or least my tastes because honestly, wear a ring every day that does not correspond to me, would have been annoying.

If the groom offers the engagement ring often his choice remains a secret and it is probing more or less the taste of his future that is his choice of the art dream alliances.

Sometimes the witnesses of the marriage or a very very close person wants somewhere seal the union and proposes to offer alliances, it stands to reason that it takes into confidence to guide the selection, as this may be very tricky, so if that’s the case, have near you pictures, alliances models suggest, however if we had you offer.

Caution, be attentive to your sizes, it is best to have your memory in two sizes of alliance you have registered in advance in your laptop!

Generally it is the groom offering the alliances and this is the spot it deserves: choose and buy according to their budget both alliances.

So gentlemen if you’re in this, during shopping sessions with your sweetheart, a tip: Stop you near a window, things will come naturally, no need to ask any questions and if Sunday afternoon you surf the net, open images on wedding rings, again you will see immediately what pleases your future.

J-least 3 months start looking at styles of alliances and budget because it can quickly soar and J least two months, choose your alliances and must see in the month two weeks before the wedding you have recovered, because it will think that the rings will be adjusted to your two sizes and can be engraved.

Which style alliance to choose a woman?

The alliance is usually a simple ring and usually end in gold, it should last a lifetime, so is his mission.

But there are many styles of alliances in gold, silver, platinum with stone without stones, stylized or not, classic or sophisticated.

§What materials? Alloy what?

The alliance is usually gold, wedding rings should last a lifetime is what is gold that is favored.

The gold may be of different colors in the most common yellow gold, rose gold is currently fashionable is very pretty, sweet and feminine, then white gold, platinum.

But they also can be gold plated, silver, and steel.

It should be noted that often at the wedding budgets are tight everywhere … past and it happens to choose in matters of budget alliances gold plated, indeed the gold-plated perhaps excellent example: demand the gold plated 750 thousandths, 3 microns see 5 microns, especially if set with diamonds, it will be a perfect fit in time.

We can also offer more sophisticated alliances and worked gold plated for budget reasons.

Anyway gentlemen, it is best to choose a material of color coordinated to the engagement ring.

§What kind of alliance?

Rush round, half cane or flat ring, all is there …. The marriage covenant is combined Despite the single vocation to be a simple ring … in a multitude of styles, shapes, styles, and jewelers jewelers do not lack imagination.

You will find rings simple rods and round, sometimes flat alliances of two tones with a work chiselling, alliances worked on top and smooth under the finger is called the half alliances you will find alliances 3 rings  of different colors and sometimes set with diamonds or cubic zirconia oxide

Sublime alliance 3 rings.

Of more ethnic alliances in silver with carvings recalling tribal designs. Reed more or less wide or more classic mode.

§With stone and without stone?

But the ultimate is the ‘diamond wedding band, of course you will say, his first vocation symbolizing the union in its simplest form is sufficient in itself, but that woman is not feeling weakening of emotion before a magnificent alliance or half diamond alliance?

Actually it is yellow gold, generally platinum, white gold, diamond alliance reports to the feeling of eternity. Eternal love.

Without repeating the famous slogan “a diamond is forever”, the diamond wedding ring is gorgeous, but ouch! its the price is equally important.

Alliance ring with brilliant-mounted claws

This is why the alliance diamond usually offers wedding anniversaries, but thanks to gold-plated or rhodium-plated silver 925 as bright as platinum or white gold, thanks to crystal zirconium oxides, which are an imitation diamond or synthetic diamond you can treat yourself to a very affordable way without ruining your budget.

All the follies are allowed … be it the beautiful and traditional alliance complete turn into claws set or turn channel setting.

All alliances are right finger!

And yes the gold plated and cubic zirconia offer a multitude of opportunities to have fun and shine for your wedding and cost.

Here are some examples.

§How to choose the rings based hand morphology?

One thing is important, we must choose an alliance based on the morphology of the hand of the person.

A fine hand long finger focus with finesse and elegance alliance and fine and valuable engagement ring.

A squarer and more assertive hand, support a broader alliance to sophisticated design.

What alliance to choose a man?

Personally I have often seen married men wear a single ring in yellow gold plated more or less wide.

Currently we see more original alliances on the fingers of these gentlemen, they often opt for broad and stylized rings  .

It seems that alliances for men freed themselves and become more present, more assertive.

Perhaps is it their new way of bringing the alliance? wear a ring and further highlight the wearing of a jewel than an alliance? This is we never …

§What form and materials?

More usually gold the traditional alliance single gold ring, sees compete and leaves more room to white material, white gold, platinum, palladium and steel.
Alliances Men are justified and increasingly male coquetry says.

Once reserved for women, diamond is becoming more and more on men alliances.
And design increasingly architected make more than just conventional jewelry rings.

Examples of alliances sophisticated men.

Choose alliances coordinates for the couple.

With changing alliances for men for some time coordinates alliances man / woman make their appearances, and often they compete in beauty and preciousness.

Indeed one can opt for the duo alliances, they generally show the same theme or design and it is the size of the ring that will see the difference and often the theme is lighter with a softer design for men.


The option is often chosen to burn alliances,

Whether the wedding date, the date of the meeting or a message of love, burn the marriage covenant is always a nice touch and will be highly appreciated.

We also do little to burn the two names with the wedding date is sublime. so do not take if at the last moment.

Here’s a quick overview of the different styles of alliance and maybe this post will have had the vocation to help you  choose your alliances.

Feel free to leave us your comments and experiences who knows? other tips.

Some examples of highly original rings: