How to Choose A Winter Hat for Your Face Shape

Well protected by Autumn & Winter: hats are the Trend-Accessory of The Season!

However, not only caps that make this fall and winter that we on the head have it nice and warm: Even hats are a very hot trend topic! We outline below before some of the trendy hat blocks and reveal how they stylt. For bad hair days there is hardly a stylishere option as a hat! We also provide tips on matching Hutfrisur.

The melon

  • So you wear the melon: Was the melon long time distinguishing Charlie Chaplin, it has to develop the fashion Hipster (both male and female)! In classic black melon suits both jeans and leather jacket as well as trendier look. But as it certainly must fro a little color in winter, our favorites are melons in bright colors like pink, orange or yellow. Typical of the melon-trend: the hat low wear at the back!Perfectly fit to casual looks in neutral colors, the hat color can be picked up with accessories.
  • The hairstyle to melon: Super melon function short haircuts, a mid-length bob or a so-called “Clavi-Cut”, which extends to the clavicles. If hairs are longer, best to summon the classic, low-set plait neck or wear a herringbone or Seitenzopf in Undone look that does not steal the hat the show.

The Fedora

  • So you wear the Fedora: The classic Fedora, which one should know as Herrenhut for example from the majority of detective or Mafia movies in recent decades, experienced regularly in women’s fashion a small trend revival! The wide-brimmed, soft felt hat is longitudinally buckled the Hutkrone down and be pinched in the front on both sides. With or without hatband a Fedora gives a look automatically a casual masculine touch and fits both to Brit-chic outfits like trench coat or plaid wool coat also rocking leather jackets looks or boho outfits, for example, a snuggly fur vest with skinny jeans and turtleneck combined. The choice of color should be unobtrusive-the most beautiful can be combined fedoras in cream, CAMEL, brown or gray tones. Black of course always goes.
  • The hairstyle for Fedora: Whether short or long, open or closed: The Fedora is very flexible when it comes to hair styling! As a contrast to the feminine mane he leaves Elegant Looks act casual, whereas he can give casual styled outfits a fashionable twist.

Das Barrett

  • So wearing the beret: beret connect military rigor with French esprit and thus impart especially very feminine looks a touch of extravagance. Feminine outfits in retro style, about hip floral dresses in the style of the 40s, 50s sexiness or cool 70s looks underlines the beret on stylish manner as cool, androgynous looks with military elements such as coats with epaulettes or plain jackboot.
  • The hairstyle beret: Too long, open hair worn (either smooth or curly) acts a beret sexy diva to strict short haircuts contrast natural and non-conformist. Underline your femininity with retro stylings as deep side parting, a voluminous Sideknot or gebändigtem with hairpins and wax pixie cut.

The Cloche

  • So you wear the cloche: Retro looks are also in matters Hutmode difficult “en vogue”-the deep-seated in the end bells hats leave the glamorous looks of the 20s revive! Then, as now delight bells hats both simple Filzvariante and with opulent decor, as with sequins, ruffles and flowers applications.With a soft cloche can protect the head in a very feminine way from cold, because he goes up to his ears! Especially nice looks a cloche to a romantic, playful looks, but also fits great with straight-strict outfits in minimalist style. ·
  • Die hairstyle Glockenhut: Due to the near the head shape of Glockenhuts a low set braid, ponytail, bun or smooth hair open is the best choice for “Underneath”. Playful and girlish act braided Undone looks. Short hair or a straight Bob also fit very well to flattering bell shape.

Die Cap

  • So you wear the cap: Sporty and well protected you come with a “snuggle variation” of classic Basecap through the winter: from fleece, felt or relined Warm You bet you so casual style on that fits the parka with boyfriend jeans and sneakers as well such wadded jacket function.
  • The hairstyle for Cap: Closed long hair or open Walle mane? Sleeker short haircut or uncomplicated “half-length”? To cap actually fits all! Ponytails can be drawn through the usually “gap” at the back, with braids acts a Wintercap girlish and is also ventolin active outdoor units!

get fancy hats? Then be on your guard to your new favorite for the winter and thus style hip trend looks that you also keep hot when snow and wind outside the shots!

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Accents with cool hats-Wintry Warming Favorite Styles

The best thing about hats (except that they warm us so wonderful when it’s cold outside): You can use them freely combine humor and thus always create new looks. Our favorite Bonnet Suits for any weather we tell you here:

  • Autumnal gray in gray: A strongly colored Overzise Knitted or a colorful beanie fit very well to a relaxed XXL Cable Jumper, which is combined to the figure-hugging Legg-or jeggings and Botties. With scarf and gloves in the color of your hat rundest from your autumnal feel-good outfit.
  • Rain & Wind: At best, you now wear a casual cap with shield, which prevents the rain blowing you in the eye. A großkrempiger hat made ??resistant felt which is deep-drawn in the end, may be a real find high style factor. Fits particularly for boho and hippie looks, such as a leather coat with sheepskin lining and a long wool coat, which is carried to feminine retro look like a floral dress, long cardigan, tights and lace-up boots or pant, slim turtleneck sweater and fur vest.
  • The first snow: have warm and look cool, you can personalize it in a sporting chunky knit hat in the Norwegian style, a Trapper Hat or a sweet bobble hat. All of them fit well with warm duvet or quilted jackets, padded parkas or classic wool coats (this season like patterned or in pop color!)
  • Biting cold If it’s out really crisp cold, a Russian-looking faux fur hat comes right on cue! Check out adds feminine elegance, but also adapts to casual styles, because then you have placed a striking contrast. Also lined Knitted or fleece caps are a good choice when it is very cold, because they insulate the body heat very well.

Regarding the choice of color, you can both classic colors like black, gray, beige or cream set, but you romp with gaudy hats this season! Pink, red, turquoise, yellow or orange accents and act simultaneously against “Overlook-Will” in dreary weather! In terms of pattern both ethno-knit and plait, or Ripp- Grobstrick variants are hip and trendy leo look to get currently eh not over!

Which Cap for What Face Shape?

You think you have no “cap face”? Thought wrong: each pot but fits known a lid! Not only for any kind of weather, even for any facial or head shape will have the right hat!

Basically, the cap that you selecting should:

  • match your body type
  • harmonize with your outfit
  • emphasize your character

A crucial role in choosing the right hat but makes the face shape. Learn here which cap flatters what face shape:

  • Caps for narrow, oval faces: Who has a narrow face, should grab neither hats that are too high nor too thin or wider than the chin, because that affects the face yet narrower and longer. Perfect are baseball caps, trapper hats, beanies wide Explanatory Pudelmützen small Bommel.
  • Caps for round faces: The cap should not additionally emphasize the round shape of your face. The best are voluminous caps, falling casually, about chunky knit beanies, Bommel-or cap. The cap to draw a little face or inclined to wear flatters the face shape!
  • Caps for square faces: In an angular face forehead and chin are about the same width. Hats should not additionally create volume. A small envelope leaves the forehead appear less wide, as eye or ear flaps Bommel draw attention sent off. Perfect are also Basque, Flyers, Poodle and baseball caps.
  • Hats for heart shaped faces: A broad forehead and a pointed chin characterize a heart-shaped face.Again: The cap should not be acting even wider forehead! Hats with earflaps, cords, screen or pompoms are ideal. Also, a fine knitted beanie leaves the forehead appear less dominant.

Admittedly, the decision for the right hat is not easy! But why ever decide? Hats you can never have enough, and with different variants You bring cuddly variety in the dark season! Pack you warm and get the hell out into the fresh air-which is not only good to present your wintery favorite outfit with matching hat to the public, but also to do something for your defenses!