How to Choose an Extra Economical Battery for Your Device?

Well, it’s noon, and your phone’s battery is already low. There are ways to avoid this mess by adding more battery capacity to your favorite smartphone. The phones are becoming thinner every year. If only they were of the same thickness and had a bigger battery would be perfect, do not you think? But there are other ways to choose an extra economical battery for your dispositio.

How to Choose an Extra Economical Battery for Your Device

Saving battery with a battery cover

The first option you can choose is a battery case. That’s exactly what it looks like. It is a hood in which you place your phone, like a typical hood designed just to protect your phone. The difference is that the battery-powered hood is thicker than normal and includes a built-in battery. The case connects to the charging port of the phone, and you usually plug the charging cable directly into the battery charging port when it’s time to charge the phone and the battery case itself.

Technically, this is just picking up a separate battery and carrying it with you. In practice, a battery-powered hood gives your phone more power at the expense of increasing the thickness. The case has just become part of your phone and you do not need to carry a separate battery in your pocket and connect it to it through a cable when it’s time to recharge. Just push a button and the battery will charge your phone with the power of the battery itself. The battery can be charged at the same time that you charge your phone.

This is probably the ideal option for most phones if you constantly need more battery power to get through the day. Search the online stores and you will find many battery cases to choose from.

Larger battery in the parallel market

Most phones no longer have user replaceable batteries, but some have. Models that offer user replaceable batteries may end up adding a little more capacity to your device. Because these batteries and the entire plastic rear panel of the phone can be removed and replaced, larger, full replacement batteries can be obtained with new rear panels to accommodate them.

If you have a phone with a user replaceable battery, you can probably buy a larger replacement battery for it. The battery and its back part replace the existing battery of your phone, so it is a more effective solution than a battery case with a battery separate from your phone’s battery. Search for “extended battery” or “larger battery” and the name of your phone to find one.

As with a battery case, this will make your phone thicker and bigger. If this is worth it, you can strive to get through one day with the current battery of your smartphone, it will probably be worth it. But whatever you do, do not buy too much cheap batteries because you can end up with a time bomb in your hands. Also take care of the warranty terms of the device, as some models may lose it if you replace the battery.

External battery for smartphones and tablets

There is also the option of external battery. Instead of replacing your phone’s battery or adding a battery case, simply carry a separate battery and attach it to the phone with a cable whenever you need to charge the phone away from a power outlet. This has the advantage of ensuring that the phone remains thin and you can use the battery to charge other devices that need more power like a tablet, for example.

But there are disadvantages here. The battery is one more thing that you have to carry and put in the bag. You will need to connect it to your phone with a cable so you can not simply put the phone in your pocket normally and charge it as you would a battery case. You’ll also need to charge your battery separately, so it’s another thing you should put to charge at the end of the day.

Still, a battery is not a bad option. If you only need extra power for your phone occasionally, it is a good choice if you know you will be using your phone a lot on a given day. On days when you do not use your phone much, you can take your thin phone with you and leave the battery at home. However, if you strive to spend every day with your phone’s battery, an extended battery case or battery is a more convenient option that you can always carry with you and always have in your pocket.

Charging your phone or tablet during the day

Charging your phone throughout the day can also help. Whenever you are using your computer, you can connect it to your smartphone through the charging cable, the one with USB connection, and the phone will be charged by the computer. Charging your phone regularly throughout the day does not damage the battery and may even increase battery life .

What extra battery do you carry with you? How do you maintain the charge of your devices all day?