How to Choose Best Sports Bra

Girls, how many times have you ordered from the shop beautiful bra and when she arrived, we unfortunately did not fit? To us it’s happened a few times! So, we have prepared an article about how to choose the right one!

We measure always under the bust

The most important thing is to choose the right size. Measure the circumference of the chest under the breasts, preferably during exhalation circuit must be firm. Make sure that the meter back on tightly. From the numbers that you measure, it is necessary to subtract 5-7 cm, round off this number to the centimeter-known and chest circumference. Eg. If you detect a 77 cm, choose a bra with a circumference of 70 cm. Bra firm must go turn on the last hook, because each circuit a little time permit. It is necessary to be able to still catch up where the circuit was pretty hard. Otherwise chest straps kept the weight that we would eventually cut into the shoulder bra on the back pulled up and it really was not nice or comfortable.

We measure despite breasts

In order to get the right balance, we need to measure in a slightly underwire sports bra discounted on Janesportsbras. Breast measured at the point where the fullest, ie. through the nipple. Again, we must beware of taut meter. Girls, in this moment, stand straight with your arms at your sides. This value is better contrast measured during inspiration, during menstruation, we breast slightly increasing, and therefore could then be bra less. At this moment we know another important measure – cup size.

Now we have to think about what type of bra actually want. Sports or casual wear? It has to be reinforced, without underwire, push ups or just a bra? It should be smooth, with lace or a combination of these two options?

If you know the answers to all these questions, do nothing other than look at a table the size of the shop, and start picking off your bra that will fit perfectly.