How to Choose Daypack

In the Rockies Park

First of all, I said that this article is NOT sponsored, that is to say, I have not received any money from any of the trademarks to talk. But specifically, this article is sponsored by Manu, maniac of the perfect purchase .

Why a new backpack?
In context :

You see the backpack on the photo at the top of the article? It’s a nice bag Herschel purchased from Madewell (tempting brand in the US but the really average quality). The bag has lived his life bag, hiking and carted across in everyday life in Boston. I already changed the zipper, but we must face the facts: it is not made for traveling. I need a real bag comfortable to walk long and carry more than a simple apple without feeling of carrying a cinder block.

My technique of purchase is simple: I need something, I go into a store that I like, I quickly compare products 2-3, and I selected based on a combination of objective criteria (solid, comfort, decent price) and subjective criteria (aesthetic brand). Most often, the subjective criterion takes over (= if I buy an ugly thing, there is little chance that I put-except the mini neon green jacket Patagonia, which despite its fluorescent green is worn on all occasions). This purchasing technique is opposite to that of Manu, who likes to make extensive market research. He therefore sought the best backpack bag possible by offering me a selection for a reasoned and satisfactory purchase over 3 hours.

I thought it could be used for other, here is the result of his research.

Choose a good backpack,
What do I want?

  • Backpack light that does not transpire back after 3-4 hours of walking – or so remaining comfortable to wear.
  • A backpack comfortable for a day of hiking, which can hold several liters of water, a picnic, a windbreaker, a fine and warm jacket Patagonia – not much finally
  • Comfort> aesthetic, but not too bad  After long years to give priority Beauty> practice, I come to the age of reason and chosen comfort.
  • A rainproof bag and then have protection to add over in bad weather
  • For the price, I’m in a bag to pay around $ 100 or more. This purchase is an investment.
  • Can reuse this backpack in the life of every day in Boston-I bike, I run around, I like to have a backpack rather than a conventional bag. Boston Style.

The first selection of technical backpacks for hiking:

Manu first consulting a reference site on the outdoor equipment here in the US, Outdoor Gear Lab (it is “the lab equipment for activities outside” – but it’s true that it sounds better in English ). In this first selection, the two bags that stand out are chosen for their maneuverability, comfort and lightness. Criteria quite sensible, but seeing them, I did not have the spark of wahoo what a beautiful bag, strongly next hike!Especially I would like to also use it in everyday life. These bags are too “pro”.

A second selection of backpacks for hiking,

The new choice of Manu includes backpacks full of different forms, more or less cool, more or less technical. There are spoiled for choice! The idea is to have a backpack with a reinforcement for the back, for comfort, and possibly a tie that binds the two back straps at the front (it returned the best weight). Will he sacrifice some comfort for a style? That is the question.

This selection remains selected, there are plenty of great non-represented brands such as Osprey, Deuter, Marmot, Gregory, Arcteryx and the signs outdoors brands like REI and EMS (the American equivalent of Decathlon)

Topo Design

A brand outdoor American super cool, which is full of equipment ( gear in the text) for hiking and camping. It is native to Colorado , the state and cool outdoorsy by excellence with the Rocky Mountains, where the green and relaxed mind is required.

The bags are fun, colorful and strong. This is one of the brands that try me most. Their account instagram @Topo Designs  makes you want to go and live in Colorado.


This is the bag that tempts me most at present (the left), I like its retro look, he looks comfortable and with a great choice of colors (yes, I like the the most colorful things possible).All small pockets make me the eye, I imagine a tidy bag (in truth I guess the snacks not squashed into the bag). It should test it to be sure it is not just beautiful.

Poler the brand is from Portland, Oregon, and combines outdoor activities, camping and sports.

Boreas Gear

Their website sells natural dream trip, the getaway, cheeks rosy with the great fresh air of morning walks.This is a California brand thoughtful design.

The following bags are sorted from smallest to largest:

Skule Backpack 20

A Swedish brand that is gaining ground in the US, there is a store in Boston at 304 Newbury Street. The brand name makes it fun Scandinavian-and with everything the Scandinavian imagery vehicle, the simple life, outside, pure, cozy and convenient way Ikea.

Their bags are this: simple and strong. I will see in store products.

Chum Sweat Nylon Book Backpack
vendu chez Urban Outfitters

An American brand from Utah, environmentally responsible and ethical, specializing in “the link” ties-ties glasses for watches, to tie his flask in her purse. They also make backpacks, otherwise I will not speak. Good point for the ethics test.

North Face Microbyte

I add this bag because the North Face brand is a must when seeking products outdoors but I find this super backpack rather boring (boring). To see in other colors without doubt!


It is a brand that I like, their bags are well thought out and reliable. I do not have the aesthetic heart for the backpacks to the first line that are too technical, with written wholesale brand, blah. Other more fun bags are a little “lego” and remind me of the Herschel bag I have now. They look very compact. Why not!

Again, it is possible to see in stores in Boston, on Newbury Street in the Patagonia store.

Backpacks Herschel

This is the brand backpack that I used so far, and as I said above, it was not dedicated to the running and the activities outdoors , and it has not really case: no compartment inside a zipper that gets stuck and whenever there is a bit of weight, the bag looks heavy. The funds of the bag tears after 2 years of use. The bags are nice, but perhaps not enough technical and sustainable? If I take back one of this brand, I will choose a no zipper to start …