How to Choose Garden Lighting

To make the most of the summer evenings, the garden put in scene under the outdoor lights. Here is advice from the Agency of Loup & Co landscape architecture, choosing its illumination of the garden from the driveway up to the terrace through groves and flower beds, not to mention the swimming pool and the basins.

Lighting of the aisles

The terrace lighting

Lighting of the trees and the flower beds

Lighting of pools and ponds

What kind of lighting you choose?

Lighting of the Aisles

To mark the path, the ideal is to install on each side and regular distance, low bollards or spots placed ras ground that spread a soft light without dazzling. Arranged along walkways, these systems guide the visitors by pointing out the way, but offer especially a very welcoming and this aspect in all seasons.

The Mas of the Isords garden directed by Xavier Loup for Loup & Co

The Terrace Lighting

To light up the area of meals, direct points of light are to focus on fixing appliques on the walls. You can also create an impression of volume and a personal atmosphere with lights overhead spots integrated in the slabs of the terrace which delimit its surface and multiply the point light sources by sprinkling here and there some tealights, lanterns, string lights, oil lamps…

terrace conducted by Xavier Loup for Loup & Co

Lighting of the Trees and the Flower Beds

In this case, the choice of lighting is determined by the size and density of the foliage of the trees and the volume of vegetation. So, very deciduous trees and evergreens will be especially highlighted with a directional projector that will enlighten the subject from the bottom up. As for species with little dense foliage, they reveal their silhouette a perspective placed very close to their trunk. For the stands of flowers or shrubs, help diffuse lighting of different heights to create relief and games of shadows who value the volume of plantations.

Lighting of Pools and Ponds

Apart from the tight recessed spots, it can animate their surface with conventional floating lights of spherical or fancier form representing a table lamp.

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What kind of lighting you choose?

The outdoor range is vast. The choice is made according to the configuration of the garden, the location of lighting and the desired light intensity: saving energy, incandescent, fluorescent, bulb halogen (powerful lighting), the LED or the solar. These last two systems, more economic, are mainly used to mark up an alley and create atmospheres. The LED being stronger in longevity that a ‘traditional’ bulb and lights solar, easy to implement since without wires, recharged overnight to restore energy in the form of soft dark light.

Apart from solar systems, all of these fairly technical lighting modes, require more or less important work and are subject to a large number of safety standards. The intervention of specialists (electrician or a landscape architect who will take care of the follow-up of the work) is therefore necessary.