How to Choose Her Engagement Ring

Diamond or Sapphire? Gold or Platinum? Classic or original? The choice of an engagement ring does not lightly. Here’s what to know before you choose this precious gem.

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the groom can choose himself the jewel, it can also let his wife choose the ring of his choice in order to avoid nasty surprises. In this case, it usually offers a cheap jewel to his dear and tender when he asks his hand. Then it’s the lucky one who chooses his ‘real’ jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before you choose an engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, it is the same for rates. Depending on the metal and the stone chosen, the price can go from simple to double.

Choose which stone?

Symbol of purity and eternity, Diamond still has a lot of success with women. Its quality, and therefore its value is defined by its size, its weight, its purity and its color. It has the advantage to go with any skin tone, all styles, but also with other jewelry. It is however not for as long as it takes to restrict in your desires if you like colorful stones as some stones are less expensive than diamond. Be aware that each stone has a symbolic. The Emerald for example is the symbol of hope, the Ruby of happiness and passion, Sapphire of fidelity… The stars are making the choice of a colored stone. Kate Middleton has for example been offer the engagement ring of Princess Diana with a Burmese Sapphire 18 k. Eva Longoria has opted for a Ruby. Nonetheless, the choice of color and shape (round, triangle, pear…), is personal. Then let your desires. Also, be aware that it is sometimes better to remain reasonable and have a smaller, but better quality stone.

In addition, if you have a family stone and you don’t like the mount, you can rework the stone by a jeweler. Feel free to make a sketch of the ring of your dreams or to bring a picture of the jewel that you would like it draws.

Which metal to choose?

Once the stone is chosen, it is easier to select the metal. If most brides choose a white gold engagement ring, it is also perfectly possible to opt for a ring in yellow gold or rose. The ring can be also made of Platinum. This metal is stainless and has a tendency to less damage than gold. Be aware, however, that he is the heavier material and the most expensive.

Choose which style of ring?

When choosing her engagement ring, to already think about its future alliance. Indeed, it is preferable that the two jewels are well matched. Brides are opting for a diamond solitaire on a ring in white gold or Platinum, seam or not of small diamonds. If you want to more originality, why not opt for a solitaire enhanced with one or more micro-pavages of diamonds, or for a trilogy — a ring set with three diamonds? You can also choose a wide, double ring or two rings interlaced. Furthermore, some Jewelers offer engagement rings overcome for example a flower or a node set with diamonds, a stone in the shape of heart… A trend that attracted more in most future brides.