How to Choose Men’s Wedding Shoes


We must know that the men in a ceremony, play a fundamental role and for this reason, you should spend some time to choose the ones that suit our and, especially, completely functional for the occasion. Very important right away, is to try to focus on those shoes by DIY (see how on that match more closely to the clothes we’re wearing, to make our clothing is perfectly in harmony in the different parts that compose it.

Let’s start by saying that man cannot disregard for its ceremonial shoes, black, which as we all know, is notoriously symbol of extreme elegance and refinement. Once we have chosen the color, we can then move on to the lacing. With regard to this area, we must know that according to certain protocols of elegance, the choice should fall on a shoe that is concise, but you can also use a shoe with the buckles, as long as it is simple and no flashy logos. Another good alternative to these proposals so far, is the moccasin, no strings, is a less formal and which retains a touch of elegance and style, now we are going to live.

Upper: the upper part of the shoe that goes to bandage the foot, must necessarily be in skin, quite smooth and certainly not dull, no writing or special reasons that ruin the classical forms, which are sought specifically for the event. The heel must certainly be at least 2cm, in order to emphasize the elegant shapes of the shoe that we wear. On the contrary, we must remember that the best sole for the occasion is to leather, for its sophistication unlike rubber ones, not suitable for ceremonies being more casual and sport. You just have to be careful to smooth surfaces, because with new leather shoes if you aren’t careful the risk of slipping is always lurking!

These simple and easy tips, we also add that the protocols for a ceremony, however not followed exactly to the letter, it is also extremely important that the shoe that is chosen is the one that is entirely our personality and our way of being, trying to always bear in mind the particular context in which the event will take place. For example, we will be outdoors, we can certainly also give us some freedom of shapes and lines, which are much more modern to our shoe, while it is preferable that indoors, to observe such a classic style that is characterized by wearing a shoe as smooth and simple as possible. Let us also remember that in recurrences usually browse photos that we have made, for example on the occasion of a marriage, and we should not take the risk that choosing a wrong shoe we annoy them at every occasion where we will revise our snapshots, why choose them with care! The choice is still ours, these want to be just some simple tips to be perfect and very chic!


Never forget:

  • Black shoes, leather, leather sole, lace-ups and sober lines