How to Choose the Best Pillow for You

The choice of pillow is fundamental in order to sleep peacefully. Today it is well known that not all pillows are equal and that the same guanciale may be perfect for one person but not for another. To change, in fact, are the heights, materials and texture, which should not be chosen according to the fashions of the moment, but the real needs of those who have to use the pillow, his way of sleeping, be it lateral or supine, prone, and to problems of back or neck.

When you choose the pillow you must take into account many factors, both regarding the materials, both concerning the price, it is still the shapes. In fact, today there are many different models, but all created with a single purpose: to allow you to sleep better and wake up in the morning refreshed and without pain.

Unfortunately there is no ideal pillow, even though there are rules about how the pillow should definitely not be, that is neither too low nor too high to avoid tensions in the neck or unnatural positions. For those with cervical problems, the ideal is to orthopedist. It comes to pillows with special shapes that adapt and sustain the natural curve of the neck in order to offer support to head, neck and shoulders during the night. There are also roller pillows, which are widely recommended for sufferers of neck, or cervical osteoarthritis template packs.

But the problems of sleep are not only related to bone or muscle pain and suffering. Those who have breathing problems, for example related to asthma, sleep apnea or snoring, such may need to wedge-shaped pillows.In the past, you used two or three pillows to keep keep the shoulders of those who had various types of difficulty in breathing during the night: today there are specific pillows enhance sleep and breathe calmly through their forms cuneate, more or less high depending on your needs. Also perfect for those who suffer from kyphosis because they claim the upper back, shoulders and head in a gradual way, from the bottom up.

Another important parameter that allows you to choose the best pillows is the materials from which they are made. Forgotten–thankfully–the old wool pillows, today the most used materials are feathers and duvets, synthetic foam, memory foam, latex, latex foam, Microfiber, the wheat bran and water.

Why do so many materials? For several reasons, both economic and both support and comfort, both data and the need to design forms that cannot be created with certain materials. In some cases, different materials can play similar roles, in other cases necessitates the choice of a material rather than another, especially for the sake of consistency, toughness and allergies.

Goose feather pillows, for example, probably the best to sleep with a good neck and shoulder support, are highly recommended for people with allergies or asthma. In this case, the ideal is to completely natural latex material, easily washable and highly hygienic. Memory foam solutions, often very interesting proposals in different heights to support your neck and head overnight. Less known to the general public, but very comfortable, pillows with stuffing wheat bran, which accommodate the head creating a custom footprint, just like it does in the case of memory foam.

Another important factor contributing to offer comfortable nights is the cleanliness of the pillow. To sleep a peaceful sleep, in fact, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount: for this reason it is important to leave them regularly, shake them, wash them and, above all, always use the cotton cover for added protection against impurities. Also, it would be good to replace them at least every five years, to make sure you always have a cushion that supports the best neck and head and that it is safe from the hygienic point of view.