How to Choose the Right Leggings

If you really Leggings stylewant, you should consider a few things. By combining unfavorable legs too short and the body proportions may otherwise affect inharmonious.

In principle leggings like tights without feet and no real pants. Accordingly, you should not they also like to combine pants, but rather style as tights. What you should note, can be found here.

Choose the right Leggings

Leggings are available in different lengths and of different materials, colors and patterns. When choosing, consider your figure type, so as not to move with the leggings your problem areas in the center, but clever to conceal. If you have rather short or strong legs, you should use the long version, which ends just above the ankle prefer, and also search for dark, matte materials without striking pattern.

However, you have a very long, slender legs, you can also wear fanciful and colorful printed leggings. Similarly, the shorter version, which ends at the knees, and metallic, leather and neon leggings are a great eye catcher for you.

Styling and combine: Dos & Don’ts

For the leggings look does not look cheap or unfavorable, you should not combine this short tops. Let mainly crop tops necessarily in the closet when you want to attract the skintight garment. Select rather tunics, short dresses and skirts or long sweaters and oversize shirts that cover your butt. The only exception is to combine long blazers or sweaters with a shorter top part including printed leggings manufacturers.

Since leggings shorten your legs look more, you should steer with the right shoes hand. So unless you do not have very long legs, it is advisable to wear high heels to. In autumn and winter boots and ankle boots are suitable Heeled in spring and summer heels and sandals. Flip-flops, sneakers or ballet flats look, however mostly of too clumsy.