How to Choose the Right Lingerie Size

Think you know all on the intimate women?

Surely you know that you have to match the bra slip, which you must have in the drawer at least three push-ups, one filled with the discounter seed oil and that the lace is sexy. Cotton no.

And if I told you that these are just the basics? And that the underwear is the most important element to build a perfect look? Why a bra that does not stand up or a slip with delusions of leadership, would ruin even the most beautiful dress of your wardrobe. Even more so now that the summer is coming, the fabrics are made ​​lighter and the colors lighten.


If you want to look beautiful, you have to look after underwear sizing guide. Find out how to choose cup size for bras!


I’m sure if I asked you what are the colors that should not be missed for underwear you answer me black and white. And then some splash of color dictated by the fashions of the moment and the red for New Year. But it is not so.Because the shade that everyone should have is the flesh color. Lowers the eyebrow and not turn up their noses.

There is the insane belief that under a white shirt or otherwise clear, you should put the white bra. And no! The white under white is the most visible of Botox on Uma Thurman’s face.

Make the test in front of the mirror and then email me to apologize for thinking I’m crazy! I’m not saying that the flesh is a sexy color or beautiful, but there are things in life that we do not like to do but we have to. Like waxing. The lingerie nude colored fall into this category: you’ll see that  you will become a great ally.


Each season has its own tissues to love. During the spring and summer better to send hibernating lace. In fact impossible to think of hiding it under sweaters or light silk trousers. Same with bows, lace and jeers. The hot season you want simple but not virginal means. Are you sexy, not the lingerie you wear, right? If you can not stand the lycra, you can opt for the cotton now that the shops offer a wide range of materials.

On the contrary, with the arrival of the cold, wool and fabric bodied, you can play around with lace inserts, pendants and embroidery. It will be (almost) impossible to make an appearance as a sweater with working braid, but for safety by always look in the mirror before leaving the house, okay?


In addition to the color, the underwear must maintain his anonymity also for wearability. Absolute veto the wild rolls generated by too tight bras. Because I want to remind you that to choose a bra that is worthy of the name, does not count only the size but also the cup, and the circumference of the chest. So when you read on the tag B cup, it is not going to beautiful and C to cool. We’re talking about the volume of your breasts. There is also a formula for calculating the cup:

CIRCUMFERENCE BREAST – (chest circumference 12.5 cm)

Quiet, you will not have to walk around with calculator and tape measure, orders can outline your measurements with a glance. Do you advise a preformed cup if your breasts are abundant, or a push-up if your breasts often quarrel going one east and the other to the west, or even a balcony to make it open out onto beautiful views and high.

I will tell you a secret: the bra strap should rest on the lower back, more remains less high claims!

Buying the right bra is an act of love for all mesh members who wear it.

After I revealed that the rolls do not see them only you, do not throw all the bras you. Just buy the drafters to attach to hooks to solve the problem, you can find them in lingerie stores or haberdashery.


How to choose the slip? Eye that the briefs be treacherous when he wants to know, especially if you tend to buy a size too small. So here it will become one sparti waters between your buttock and thigh, showing all his elastic even through the thicker jeans.

Dona then seven euro to Intimissimi to buy a slip without seams, many will thank you pants. For the most daring remains the thong , the thong, the Brazilian or culotte.

For choosing the fabric of panties the same rules that I have explained to you before for bras!


The intimate containment, modeling, smoothing should be an essential sign of femininity. Because it is the emblem of women always fighting with water retention, the pre-during-post cycle swelling, the pounds, anxieties and too tight clothing.

Fortunately, the market offers very practical variants but sexy and youthful . In short, the body-belt now calledsheath and loves seamless lycra, lace and transparencies. You can find bodysuits, tank tops, high-waisted briefs and shorts. You just have to figure out which model is the most comfortable for you and do not be discouraged the first few times you wear them, since you seem not to breathe but are called restraints for some reason, is not it? And please do not associate this garment to extra pounds. Chiunque, regardless of size, it needs it.

Why does it better slip a silk or polyester suit, because it keeps your back straight and helps your posture and then winter, keeps warm the kidneys. Surely it helps you a lot who has the soft abdomen, but this is certainly not a crime or a scarlet letter pinned to bring instead of the navel piercing. Whether you are thin or soft make intimate female restraining your best friend, you can not help it.

I know I deeply disturbed by this article’s underwear woman (even though I had already mentioned something to post on leggings and suit). We therefore grant you a few days to recover, then make space in your drawer to accommodate your underwear flesh-colored, and the restraining slip without seams!

If you want to express your dismay, please leave a comment, I am sure you will convince that it’s not a tragedy as you think!