How to Choose the Wedding Ring

The decision was taken … You’re getting married! Preparations have already started, but you still have to choose the wedding ring. Between all the existing alloys and precious stones, it is sometimes difficult to decide. Do not panic: we told you!

Different alloys wedding rings

Once your engagement ring on her finger, remains to selecting your wedding rings!

The first thing is whether you prefer yellow gold jewelry or white gold. It was all a preference!

White gold wants to be more modern, sober and refined, while the yellow gold placed on the classical side, traditional and warm.

If you lean more for a white gold ring, maybe you could opt for platinum?

Platinum is pure 95% against 75% for gold. It also has the merit of being more durable. Due to the light gray origin, it comes to no color change over time.

This is not the case of white gold jewelry that irreparably eventually turn yellow because of their high concentration of yellow gold. The platinum density is also higher, so the alliance more resistant to scratches and scrapes.

Please be aware that platinum is significantly more expensive!

The symbols stones Wedding rings

Symbol of purity and eternity, the diamond is the most coveted gemstone.

The sapphire represents loyalty or wealth for some. This blue stone is the most commercialized in the world across all jewelry.

Emerald is the incarnation of fertility and hope, but this green stone is the most fragile. Ruby evokes happiness and passion. Historically, this red stone has long been associated with power. It is among the most expensive, because it is one of the rarest.

Once you’ve chosen the color, you need to think about the size and the many types of stones. Again, this is clearly a matter of taste!

There are all kinds of stone shapes: princess, cushion, rectangle, marquise, heart, octagon, pear, etc.

When in doubt, opt for two constants: princess (square shaped) or marquise (shaped marzipan)!