How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag

When you have to choose your sleeping bag, think about you. Consider your requirements for comfort, warmth, space, etc. You will enjoy many relaxing nights.

Points of attention to choosing the right sleeping bag


Do you go hiking or are you staying with friends? A sleeping bag is chosen according to the activity you want to perform, the season and your preferences.


If you hike, the weight of a sleeping bag may influence your choice. A flannel sleeping bag will be perfect for trekking or festivals described by PIMASLEEPINGBAGS. If you travel by car or other comfortable means of transport, the weight does not matter. Be aware that the weight of a sleeping bag is strongly determined by the material of the outer and inner fabric and the lining used.


The packing (in g / m²) plays a role in the warm feeling you will experience. Each type of packing therefore influences the comfort temperature limit and a sleeping bag. For example, it will favor thicker sleeping bags, comforters, for colder outdoor temperatures and vice versa.


At ColliShop you find sleeping bags both for adults as for children . Choose a sleeping bag depending on your size or that of your toddler. Any empty space in the sleeping bag favors the cold, since this space is not heated by your body.

Some tips for choosing your sleeping bag

A sleeping bag or right sarcophagus?

A sarcophagus sleeping bag is ideal for hikers and campers to the weight of the material is limited. Being close to your body and with a hood, the bag keeps the heat optimally. However, you will have less space inside.
For restless sleepers, there are rights sleeping bags that offer more freedom of movement and both the shoulders as feet. This type of sleeping bag is heavier and less withstand cold but can be opened to turn into a large quilt. Practice, it may also be coupled to another sleeping bag.


  • Some sleeping bags are provided with a small inner pocket to slide your ID card, your credit card or any other valuables.
  • Thermal collar and bands anticourant air were developed to maintain the best temperature in your sleeping bag.They will ensure to keep the heat from your body in the sleeping bag and prevent any cold air inlet.
  • Practical, double zippers allow you to slightly open your sleeping bag when it’s too hot to let in some fresh air.

How to interpret temperature readings?

Temperatures comfort and extreme limit of a sleeping bag give you just an indication of the ideal temperature to sleep comfortably. The sensation of heat, however, varies from one person to another and depends on many factors (fatigue, soil, pajamas, etc.). To choose your sleeping bag, compare the comfort temperature of the bag at room temperature of your destination. The 3 types of temperatures give you a good overview:

  • Comfort: ideal temperature to sleep comfortably
  • Limit: This is the lower limit of the comfort zone.It gives a good indication to those more tolerant of cold temperatures or have fast too hot
  • Extreme: in theory it is the extreme limit temperature of your sleeping bag, not to be exceeded if you do not want to be cold

Small tip

Wear the least amount of clothes in your sleeping bag. The sleeping bag itself does not heat. It warms through your body temperature. If you prevent your body heat from spreading, by wearing pajamas example, the sleeping bag is not warm. Also remember to isolate yourself from the ground up, with a self-inflating mattress, foam or inflatable.

Synthetic fill or down?

On ColliShop, you find a lot of sleeping bags with synthetic insulation. Materials such as polyester or polyamide are ideal for stays where it’s wetter as it dries very quickly. They maintain optimal heat from your body. Fluff, meanwhile, is lighter and warmer. However, do not take it in damp locations because it takes longer to dry and is more difficult to clean.

Maintain your sleeping bag

  • Air your sleeping bag both during and after your vacation instead of washing. It is also important to dry it, you will avoid the appearance of mold.
  • You still want to wash?Prefer a wash with warm water . Then open it completely and let it dry. Some models can be machine washed. Use preferably without fabric softener and place in your drum a tennis ball, so that the bag retains its volume. Finally, it is better not to wash yourself in a sleeping bag down: take it to a specialist.
  • Practices, new compression bags allow you to store your sleeping bag as is. There is no need to roll or close. At home, you can also store it as a duvet. This allows the filling to keep its volume and thereby ensure good maintenance of heat when using your sleeping bag.