How to Clean Up Jewelry and Tips to Preserve Them

Are your costume jewelry darkened or have you lost your glow? Check out simple tricks to recover the beauty of your play

It is not today that costume jewelry has come out of the category of dubious taste and have become indispensable items to compose our productions.

Whether in rustic, delicate or elegant style, costume jewelry is available in the most diverse materials, sizes and formats and are the perfect accessories to complete our visual on different occasions.

Regardless of your play has cost a fortune or have been a real bargain, surely you want it to last for as long as possible, isn’t it? Even more when the Biju has a classic design and never goes out of fashion.

Thinking about it, we have a few tips for you to clean your jewellery properly, removing the blackened spots and recovering the brightness, with some very easy to make procedures. In the end, we still count a very efficient trick to prevent your chains from forming those knots that are superdifficult to break.

How to recover the glitter of costume jewelry

If your bijus are half apagadinhas colors, opaque and dark, the tip is quite simple: you just leave them soaked all night in a basin with water and soap powder! The next day, you will be amazed at the color of the water and the brightness of your pieces.

Important: Do not use this method with pearls and stones such as coral and turquoise, because soap can damage them.

How to clean darkened silver pieces

Silver pieces, whether jewellery or cutlery, suffer oxidation with the passing of time and end up getting dark. To clean them, you can use the old tooth paste trick, simply rub the product in your parts.

However, if you are not in order to rub or if the parts are too small, there is another method. The first step is to forage a container with aluminum foil and then place your pieces inside among.

Cover the parts with baking soda and add a hint of salt so that the chemical reaction will happen faster. Add boiling water over the parts and close the aluminum foil as if it were a bag. Wait 10 minutes, open the package and wash the parts in running water.

Cleaning with lipstick

Choose a lipstick you don’t use anymore and pass it in a soft flannel, rubbing it in the jewellery next. Then simply remove the product using a clean cloth.

Cleaning with effervescent aspirins

For this trick, just put your jewelry in a glass with water and add a fizzy aspirin tablet. Let the act for 10 minutes and rinse.

Cleaning with sanitary water

Mix half a cup of sanitary water tea with half a cup of warm water tea. Dip your pieces and wait for 10 minutes.

How to keep earrings

You live wasting your time because you can’t find the other earring? So this trick is going to help you keep your pieces organized.

When you keep your earrings, put them on a shirt button. So by picking up the button, the two pieces will be together, and you won’t be stressed out looking for your jewelry or jewellery.

How to prevent your chains from rolling out

If your chain already rolled, the way will be appealing to the popular superstition and think of a very gossipy person – in addition to having a lot of patience and delicacy – to try to untie the knots. Jokes aside, the best thing is to keep your chains from rolling.

To do that, you just spend each of them inside a soda straw, closing them outside. So you can store them or put them in the suitcase if they’re afraid they’re going to screw up.

Now, if your current has already rolled up and there is no way you can untie us, be thinking of the gossipy person or with the help of a toothpick, the best option is to take the part to a watchmaking. There, professionals in the branch will be able to resolve the problem for you without damaging your chain.

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