How to Clean Wooden Furniture

Our Wooden Furniture, Like the Rest of the Furniture, Absorb the Dirt and Dust. Knowing that the Wood Does not Mix Well with Water, There is a Reluctance on the Approach to Clean Them.

Our wooden furniture, like the rest of the furniture, absorb the dirt and dust. Knowing that the wood does not mix well with water, there is a reluctance on the approach to clean them. Here are some tips that can help you.

For the cleaning of the natural timber

They are without no top coat wooden furniture. No varnish or wax. To the natural wood, use wet black SOAP in hot water. Brush the furniture with this mixture. Otherwise, chlorinated water, applied with a hard brush to quackgrass can walk. The use of sandpaper to low grain can walk for a dry cleaning. Be sure, however, not too much support and especially do not sand in the direction of the veins.

For wooden furniture varnish

Avoid abrasive product for your varnish wooden furniture. No bleach or product water cleaner acid either. Take a Microfiber cloth moistened with detergent, wring well, then scrub the surface regularly. A soaked wipe with an infusion of tea can walk. However, wait until the infusion is completely cool. This solution is ideal for particularly sticky varnish. If your furniture is very dirty, the essence of turpentine with meals on cabinetmaker and edible oil will be effective. A mixture of domestic alcohol and linseed oil or otherwise of the polish are going again the varnish.

For furniture painted

Furniture with an under layer of paint to clean with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. For filthy furniture, a small amount of crystals of soda or ammonia mixed with water works. In all cases, blot the surface of the furniture as soon as finished cleaning. If the color is not too bright that you hope, with a clean cloth soaked in linseed oil, perform circular movements.