How To Decorate Table Of Sweets With Crepe Paper?

Today let’s make sweets with paper table decoration in a very easy way.

I hope and great friends are creative.

A month ago my baby fulfilled his first year and decorate the dessert table of Cars.
Decide not to use fabric tablecloth, and decorate with Crepe Paper or silk models, with different forms, can be as different colors.
The best that the paper is very economical and in less than 5 minutes have a Super divine table.
I also give ideas of sweets to put on the table, as I told you was cars, but they can fit the theme of your party.
Also remember that in my channel there are more ideas for themed parties such as: Frozen, Super Heroes, Mickey, Princess Sofia, and many more.
So get to our creation.

Paper Crepe or silk
Adhesive tape

We put in all the around the table double-sided adhesive tape, but if they do not have the video I teach them how we do it.
We then fold the crepe paper and we are sticking it to the table.
Here is where you decide if they do a single color or different colors.
And ready!
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