How to Decorate with Wall Clocks


Today in almost all the houses we have a clock hanging on a wall. The hectic life forces us to race against time: to cook, when you leave for fun, for work or to go shopping; everything makes us often look at the home clock. The watches have always been also a piece of furniture, beautiful to look at and sometimes even spectacular for their type and structure. In this tutorial we are given information and advice on how to decorate with wall clocks.

Depending on the furniture and the room you can place a clock on the wall. If the structure is modern as the living room is suitable for a watch very special wall: glass, multicolored and with many facets that go with the environment. If the furniture is classic, imperial style Austrian, the ideal is to buy a wall clock that has the form of a framework. It shall be rectangular, made ​​of gilded wood with a central porcelain dial and the ring must scan the hours and quarter hours.

The watches are useful for the entire house; the hall can place one linear or knobs. Both German-built 20s and 30s known in the jargon as “clocks”. Are mechanisms that play every hour and every half hour and should be a good decor for kitchen; they have an external structure made ​​of oak, beech or walnut. This type of watch can be positioned even in an environment in French style. In the bedroom if the decor is stylish Louis Philippe or previous periods of French history should hang on the wall a clock called “flare” jargon, like a wall. Finally, the kitchen if furnished in rustic style can have a wall clock.

In this room you can hang on the wall a German wooden clock as that for the input, or a “clock” of small, rectangular or square. The structure must be of dark wood or wax, that is similar to Arte poor and rustic kitchen. If we do not watch a certain value or historical significance, you can put in a copper cooking pot upside down with the figures and hands; if we do not have a pot suitable we can buy it at a reasonable price in specialized shops for household items. The same goes for the other rooms of the house; you can hang on the walls modern and stylish watches that are essential furnishings.