How to Dress in Same Sex Weddings

Although many people still refuses to accept the sexual diversity, is no new that today, there are more common the weddings between people of the same sex.

Why as well as heterosexual couples dream of his tale of “fairies”, idealizing and preparing the time of their wedding, people lesbian, gay, also deserve to have more diversity of content on how trends, for your wedding day and make that unforgettable day.

It is not uncommon that many continue to believe, in the absurd! idea, that a wedding between two women, one will go dressed woman and the other man, also in the case of men, which is not always the case. Since in many cases both go dresses of women or men, as the case may be according to Stunnerdresses.

It is for this reason that today I will propose you several options, for that day and avoid falling into the monotony of a simple dress or a classic suit. Experiment with new styles, full of freshness and modernity, to look radiant.

Let’s start with the women, if you’re that like the Bohemian-chic style; more relaxed, the ideal is that your and you girlfriend use a light dress with romantic touches, which can use it in a ceremony on the beach, city either in the field without any problem dresses, easily adaptable to you can play with different accessories, depending on the type of celebration that already are.

If you are one of those women who prefer a more masculine look, why not try one tomboy, that will give you a male appearance without leaving your feminine essence, remember that it is you day, do not have what to see you, as if you bring the costume you parent or one borrowed. You must know how to combine the styles and to achieve a strong image consistent with your body.

Another good option for pants, is a palazzo with transparency, which will give you a very sensual and sophisticated air in white or beige tone that perfect wrath in that special moment.

Although if you are a little more conservative, can take a, minimalist short dress more demure, highly recommended for any body type regardless of age. Styles can also be mixed, you can suggest to your partner that she will lead a joint tailor or long Pant overalls so make a mixture of styles.

In the case of men, is given much to wear suits similar or equal, which is fine. If you already decided to do so, I suggest that they are the same costumes, only in different shades, to do a visual contrast to the ceremony so the two will look and will not like seeing two twins.

A good option for the adventurous are; brilliant costumes in different shades, with which you can have a different and current image at the same time. If you’re not risking so much, but you like this trend, I propose to you to use, dark tones with little details in bright colors.

Should you not want to try, new trends and you decide by the conventional style, which you seem to use it, in a traditional model in tones and classic details, only that with much style.

Finally, if you are a man you sure himself and love to experiment with your style. I suggest you go for a mix & match textures, which is makes me perfect style! Since mixing and contrasting textures, you can take advantage of your image, leaving behind, completely to the typical boyfriend.

Dare to use courts and different colors, do not have to follow the style of all, reinvent yourself and create your own image. Get that unforgettable day, with your appearance.