How to Dry Curly Hair

To a man, having curly hair definitely is a valuable element of seduction, as they are particularly appreciated by women as they are a symbol of elegance, charm and vivacity. For this, to know how to dry curly hair after washing is essential for those who wish to never appear unkempt, how they can instead be with the hair natural, especially since curly hair tend to be particularly unruly.

The curly hair is also a huge comeback in fashion at this time, so it is for this reason that know how to dry them, how to treat them and how to keep them is very important.

It must first give some advice on how to wash them: it is advisable not to wash more than three times curly hair in weeks, to avoid actions with a stressful impact as drying and combing reduce the vitality of the hair. The choice of shampoo is also important: use only shampoos tailored for curly hair is highly recommended and will help a lot in the next step.

Learn how to dry curly hair, in fact, it is a practice that requires many precautions, from washing, because the wrong cleaning will lead to great difficulties and tend to ruffle your hair curly.



If you want to learn c ome to dry curly hair without making them swelland without make frizzy, here’s some practical advice and useful.

First, you have to dab curly hair with a towel not rub too hard, not to ruin them. After this operation it is possible to switch the drying proper, which can be made ​​with the use of the hair dryer and the speaker, but also without the aid of the latter instrument. Although we recommend you get them dry naturally, in the winter season where this is not possible, we can use these tools, although at times damaging curly hair, leaving frizzy and dry.

To dry curly hair with a diffuser in the nicest possible way, you have to hold the diffuser at a rate too high, aiming the jet of hot air from the top down: in this way you will get a compact and perfect hair. If we want to dry curly hairwithout the speaker you must use a little trick: put a towel between the hair and the heat jet. In this way, we will have a drying non-invasive, and your curly hair will be easily modeled with the help of a simple wide-toothed comb. If you have opted to keep their hair short, you have made ​​a wise choice for the proper management of their curly. For curly hair should be cut every month, to avoid having a constantly disheveled hair. To dry your short curly hair, it is always advisable to natural drying, made ​​faster by the shortness of the hair.

But if you do not have time or the weather does not allow it, it is simply best to prevent the hot air of the hair dryer revenue is close and it is not directed directly on the hair, as it causes hair un’elettrizzazione and their consequent ripple making them make it unmanageable.