How to Find Good Fitting Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is important to avoid having sore feet quickly. Flip flops, sandals or sneakers? Our tips to make sure to find the ideal model.

Good shoes against the bobos feet

Long walk with inappropriate footwear contributes to most of the ills that afflict our feet, plus they usually affect our skeleton and joints. It is not a question of definitively abandon stilettos at a dinner with friends or a job interview, however it is better to forget about the shopping session or the afternoon to trample the museum. Here harvardshoes lists some benchmarks for you to avoid problems and fix installed disorders.

To do :

-Buy shoes late in the day when feet have swollen, to ensure optimal comfort

-Book flip flops for the pool and the beach, where they  avoid catching fungus and plantar wart. Or adopt them as slippers to take air hallux valgus at home.

-Do not save on running shoes or hiking, which must absorb the maximum without injury.

To avoid:

-The Heels more than 4, 5 cm, so that the pointed ends which compress the toes

-The Ballerina, too flat and do not hold the foot, and all the loafers similarly defective

-The Canvas sneakers, the sole is not thick enough to cushion under the heel and arch (horn formation).

The selection criteria:

The perfect summer shoe is open but held last, with at least 2 cm heel and a shock absorbing sole enough anyway. A specification that can match pretty sandals. Must still subtly play with the straps: the rule to accommodate an early hallux valgus for example, but make sure they do not hurt (the bandages to  protect the bulbs spoil a little glamor effect).

The boost soles to relieve his feet

-face To pain in the soles of the feet or heel handicapping sports, the choice of most suitable shoes may suffice. Otherwise, the realization of custom insoles (orthotics) often provides the best solution.

-In The presence of a Morton’s neuroma, this compression of a plantar nerve affects women three times out of four, and causing severe pain in the march: the soles custom crafted and fitted with Velcro to change shoes turn out great effective to erase lasting pain and disability. Try it before considering surgery.

-When Toe or claw hammers complicate hallux valgus is still making small silicone splints that help keep toes rights, and they will sometimes combined with soles for better distribution of support.

“The podiatrist has the power to make all these orthotics says Cécile Blanchet-Richardot. But it must be an original prescription from a doctor for the patient to be repaid. Then, the podiatrist can renew for three years.” A pair of insoles costs between 100 and 250 € depending on the region, paid 16 € to most patients (assumed at 60%). Fortunately, it is not as expensive as the teeth or hearing and most mutual complement.

Thank you to the experts: Muriel Montenvert, chiropodist, general secretary of the French Union for the Foot Health (UFSP)