How to Find the Right Sweater

Here, it is now autumn and rainy days knocking on the door. The temperatures are low enough to be able to deliver the cozy embrace of knitwear and bet on the most beautiful and at the same time warm sweater and. Here’s what trends they in this type of garment and what you need to get your hands in your wardrobe coming months.

Dose tenderness
beige between hit colors this season. Therefore bet on a sweater in a similar shade, which however has a higher neck (Healthvv) than normal.

bluish hues and large resembling like a chessboard also rank in the top trends you for autumn.

Back to the past
board color that will not get rid during the autumn season there. For this better necessarily procure beautiful sweater in this tempting color of the wine, and if you have the garment accents like tassels and fringe even better, because the breath of the 70s definitely back on fashion.

classic sweater in dark blue V-neck is something everyone should have in her wardrobe. This fall will be particularly biased selvage around the neck is a different color than the whole sweater. Axial modern combinations are dark blue and tomato, and between dark blue and beige.

Good Old Polo
course that autumn will not pass without a sweater and turtleneck collars. The greater is the collar, the better – it is still a trend which for years did not die! If you bet on a fine knit and more modest Turtlenecks, it will also keep up with fashion.

We can not overlook and sweater s with decorations that are particularly modern and novogodinite past Christmas holidays. Already on the market can, however, find those that are decorated with various floral knits.

Ah, this mustard
Nothing to lie in this autumn the most modern color will be the color of mustard. So, be sure that you have at least a minimum of two sweater and in this color that bears a slight feeling and summer sunsets.