How to Hike at Night

How to hike at night: tips, directions and event reporting that will lead you to discover the night trekking.

When it comes to hiking the collective image is projected to a coastal or mountain panorama, during a sunny day. A different approach to trekking provides for nocturnal trips to enjoy moonlit walks and views.

The nighttime treks is easy to practice both in summer and winter. In winter, simply start the walk towards the 19 to experience in the dark while the summer season starts around 21.

Hiking at night, insider tips

To hike at night safely, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • Choose a hilly area or a low promontory.
  • Choose a path that know and you’ve already followed repeatedly by daylight.
  • Do not venture out alone but bring a couple of friends.
  • Addresses theovernight Trek with a headlamp and carries a torch. In both cases, carry a couple of spare batteries.
  • Wearing hiking clothes comfortable and suited to temperatures.
  • Fortrekking at night in the middle of winter, bring a blanket for emergencies.
  • Getting to practicetrekking at night in winter, choose a location facing South so as to lower the risk of running into snow and ice.
  • It is not easy to find in the dark, better if you get help from a compass.
  • If you want to go hiking at night in a path that you’ve never beaten by day, get over it…Or, Alternatively, trust an expert guide.

Even if you have a powerful torch, don’t underestimate the purchase a headlamp. Hike at night has the advantage of stimulating all the senses except sight, if you start a Trek at night with a flashlight in hand, you will not be able to fully enjoy the walk because you’ll be forced to carry the torch for the entire route.

Hiking at night, the valleys of the Gran Paradiso

Among the most evocative nighttime Trek ‘s you point out those organised by experts of the Gran Paradiso National Park to discover the Alpine Lakes under the stars. The Gran Paradiso National Park offers night excursions into companies of Rangers and guides guides by EMAIL. During the night visitors will enjoy an experience impressive and full of magic.