How to Improve Lighting in Sites with Low Light?

In an ideal world, the rooms of our home should have enough inputs of natural light. However, it is not unusual to see houses that lack this type of entries, limits the quantity and quality of its lighting. What to do in these cases? Here some tips…

Painted with light colors

White tones give a more light and generate amplitude, therefore we suggest that you consider them as a good option. Don’t like the White? Don’t worry, the pastel tones light (such as the Blues, pinks and Greens) can also help you.

Using glass and mirrors

Properly oriented, the mirrors potentiates the light emitted by the luminaires, so take advantage of them and place them strategically so that they reflect the light and reduce shadows. Walls or glass walls are another excellent idea for places that do not have windows or skylights.

You install clear floor

As is the case with the colours of the rooms, the tones of the floors must be clear. When you go to put a wood floor, be sure to make this clear. The color of the floor is not one minor matter, because little will serve to have lights, clear paintings, mirrors and glass walls if the surface is dark.

You take control of light

Partial or total lack of natural lighting should not be an impediment to your spaces shine with their own light. Place a ceiling LED to the center of the room to have a reference point. To create warm and cosy atmospheres used suspended or wall lights. Visit our site of listofledlights and discover all the solutions that Tecno Lite has for you.