How to Iron a Pleated Skirt


How to Iron a Pleated Skirt

The skirts are the item of women’s clothing for excellence. Several in the cut, the fabric and color, are a “must have” that never disappoints. Obviously, some more elaborate models require special precautions in the step of washing and ironing. To preserve them over time, in fact, it is appropriate to use a little of grace. Specifically, let us see how to treat and ironing a pleated skirt, to get a perfect result.

The preliminary stage involves washing. Before storing the skirt into the drum, recommended by Songaah,  it is important to read the label carefully (usually located in the part of the back, inside). In the label, in fact, the indications about the fabric shows, the washing mode, the water temperature, the drying method and the possibility or not to use the iron. In the case of the pleated skirt, to avoid discoloration or shrinkage, and to avoid unmold the same folds, it is advisable to proceed with a low temperature washing, selecting a program with no spin, or proceed with the dry cleaning. Upon roll out, the skirt has to be displayed in the open air on a hanger suits skirts. This, in order to avoid warping!

In the phase of drying it is possible to apply the pins for pinning the folds, one by one. In this way, the original shape will remain perfect, ready to be treated in the next step, that of ironing. Bring the steam iron to the appropriate temperature for the fabric of the skirt (prior to ironing sure, out of sight, that the iron does not stick to the cloth). Too high temperatures, in fact, could create burns or leave the shiny fabric, very ugly. To be safe, get a towel from cotton muslin and organza, perfect for protecting the surface of the skirt above the rail heat.

Strung pinned skirt with pins in the axis board, cover the part that you will go to iron with muslin cloth and proceed to the ironing for the whole length of the fold, from top to bottom, never horizontally. Remove the pins and forth through the iron. If you practice, you can baste the folds with the wire, and then ironed, instead of using location. If you have patience and you are precise, you can avoid using a needle and thread or pins. Proceed manually, after ironing the skirt, taking a turn at a time, making sure to match it to the brim.