How to Look Fashionable Everyday

To get that perfect look and trendy, no need to fill the wardrobe of an unmeasurable amount of clothes. It takes just 5 tricks to keep in mind and which will help you be whenever elegant, chic and trendy.

1. Always wear an accessory

Accessories are the “salt” of a dress, because it can transform a simple outfit into something spectacular. Before you leave the house every morning, never forget to wear at least one accessory.

2. Remove the dancers and put heels

The heels elevate your figure and give a more secure appearance. You do not have to wear heels every day, but from time to time keep them in mind to give style to your look.

3. Add an element of surprise to your outfit

The best clothes often have an unexpected element. The addition of a punk chic necklace to dress, for example, adds depth to the look. You can crare a unique style even with a bracelet-scarf.

4. Play with your strengths

Whenever you are puzzled about what to wear, just think of the strength of your body, and pull fiuori with the dress. For example, if you have the carved arms, try to wear a sleeveless top. If you have nice legs, find them with a miniskirt.

5. Define your outfits

Your outfits staff should reflect your style with the elements that are repeated. For example, it could be based on high-waisted skirts and heels blacks , or on a variation of the jacket with beltand jeans. After defining the base of your outfit, razionalizzerete your shopping.