How to Make Matte Lipstick Glossy?

If you thought you’ve seen it all in your makeup case and items to rechea it, not yet. The fashion for make up can still reinvent itself, so much as to put between the new trends for makeup matte lipstick. Different, no? If you were used to using lipsticks beautiful with brightness or ultra brightness and is a big fan of gloss, you can create a resistance to lackluster lipstick. It’s different, but also very cool.

The matte lipstick comes soon after the fever fad enamels with matte effect, now is the time of lipsticks. First appeared (where everything in fashion comes even) in the parades of fashion weeks in Europe and made ​​furor and generated comments in magazines and websites who came to the fashion weeks in Brazil in Rio and Sso Paulo. And caught! Lipstick matte effect is one of the most popular items to compose the new makeup case the famous.

Using Lipstick Matte Effect

With effect dull even, totally opaque, matte lipstick or matte lipstick , her second name, is already in stores on major brands and match all skin tones. The choice does not vary much with respect to usuado in their day to day, just the visual effect. Falls well both for the day and for the night, just select with care not to get ugly in the composition of the make up.

Taking a closer peek you may think, my lips will stay dry. Not really. The matte lipstick has only matte effect, but moisturizes as much as the others, of course depending on the brand. Leaves lips soft and is a good lipstick tip for the ballad or despoiled parties. On the red carpet does not notice anything of the most daring celebrities that the output brightness ultra mega intense of lipsticks traditional.

The combination of lipstick matte effect follows the same proportions of the other items to the lips. Example: featured eyes deserve a lighter lipstick. Makeup for discreet eyes require stronger lips. Use slightly dark shadows, matte red lipstick on a clear skin is all that you need to highlight your make up the right way. Entering the modern trends of makeup, keep the smoky eye shadow or two colors to match. You can use eyeliner smoothly, lips dull not prevent the accessory dearest eyes of women.

Matte Lipstick or Lipstick Matte Colors

Although it has several variations, the famous are left with the basic trend, with red lipstick, pink and shades of nude. But already have rather makeup brands imported colored lipstick, a fever for those who want to combine boldness and visual effects in the mouth. If going to a club, why not a lilac matte lipstick or purple to highlight the lips? They are already available on Educationvv.