How to Make Your Own Shirt Sports

From tailgating before the big game to cheer from the stands, sporting memories of your team is a must. Jerseys and t-shirts can be found online or at sports sites, but can be extremely expensive. Don’t let these high costs prevent it to represent your favorite team. Instead, make your own sports shirt in less than an afternoon. You can transform a simple t-shirt into a custom piece of memorabilia team spirit.



Create a design for the front of your t-shirt using the computer. While you can’t use official team logo or images that are protected by copyright, you can use a word processor to make your own design. Use colors or images of your sports equipment team. Be creative in designing your own logo.


Print the drawing in printer paper fuse. With scissors, cut the design. Cut as close to the design as possible, so that a great frontier is not transferred to the front of the t-shirt. Follow the instructions on the package of printer paper iron fuse properly about the project to the front of the shirt.


Outline of Jersey numbers on a piece of fabric using a pencil and ruler. Fasten your seat belt fuse to the fabric with an iron. After the cloth has cooled completely, place numbers on the back of your t-shirt. Centralize the numbers in the middle of the shirt as they appear in a Jersey. Iron on numbers according to the instructions on the belt fuse.


Use iron-on letters to attach your name. Centralize the letters of your name on the back of your t-shirt so that they stretch through your shoulders. Follow the instructions on the package, when you pass the letters in place. The back of the t-shirt should now look like a shirt.


Use puffy fabric paint to outline the elements of your design. Using fabric paint will help to seal the design elements in place. Let the paint dry completely before wearing the shirt.


  • Choose colors that are the same or similar to the team that you’re supporting.
  • You can also use a baseball shirt or v-neck shirt instead of a simple t-shirt.
  • When using graphics or drawings found online, be sure to comply with any restrictions of use or copyright.