How to Match Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is a men’s classic, although among all types of shirts is certainly one of the most difficult to carry and combine successfully with other apparel.

The denim is a fabric extremely versatile, an evergreen able to adapt to a large number of different situations; However, if the pants in jeans today are extraordinarily versatile, and can be fast also at events that require great elegance (as long as the dress code is not purely formal means), as regards the shirt there is actually some more difficulties.

Yet in recent years we have enjoyed a return to prominence for his shirt in jeans, both as regards women’s clothing, which for the male wardrobe. The fact that this head is back in fashion is probably a direct consequence of the “return to the shirt” which lately has affected many men, to coincide with the long wave of years ’80 and ’90 which is likely to wet the shores of second decade of the new millennium.

Yet it must be said that if lumberjack plaid shirts and shirts fantasy we can find them in prevalence on men, by contrast shirt in jeans has become much easier to wear for members of the fairer sex.


It is not uncommon nowadays to see a denim shirt worn by a woman according to the clothing packing tips. If once this item of clothing drew almost exclusively a “country” look to the Texan, now the shirts in jeans are taking their revenge due mainly thanks to the girls: it is in fact coupled to a classic wide skirt in flowers for a look soap and water, a pair of leather pants or of clinging leggings, wearing a “she” never looks out of place. Almost. And with regard to the men instead? In this case, the label is a bit ‘more restrictive, but do not fear: with a minimum of foresight, thanks to denim shirt will make a great impression on many occasions.

First, you must choose a suitable model for your needs. There are numerous types of shirts, depending on personal tastes (and senior leaders that we are going to propose in combination): you can in fact go to the shirt in simple jeans that washed out or tearing

But such leaders marry best with shirts of this kind? The cotton pants are always a great choice for a sports outfit, perhaps accompanied by a nice pair of sneakers. Pants beautiful and boots are a combined dell’outfit classic rock style, as well as Bermuda shorts are also to be taken into great consideration during the summer period (possibly with the ever-present sunglasses).

To be relegated exclusively to the beach (or the ostentation of a muscle to Schwarzenegger ) instead sleeveless shirts in jeans. In addition, for the spring and autumn denim shirt can be an excellent substitute for lie-suited for more informal situations, during which you can show off a look tending to the physical. In the end, even your complexion can be a determining factor for the choice of colors: in case it is particularly clear, you will marry perfectly with equally subtle color solutions. The typical Mediterranean olive complexion is rather great for dressing a denim shirt with dark tones, maybe combine them with the right accessories (such as necklaces and watches) to enrich it in case both in pure style basic.

specially recreated for the famous “experience effect” typical this fabric. also the variety of colors is quite large, given a choice between the classic light blue, blue, dark blue, white, various shades of gray, and other less traditional chromatic variables (such as red checkered shirt and black or the shirt in black jeans, good for a total black look).