How to Measure Your Bra Size Correctly

Perhaps is one of the biggest mysteries since most of the women takes, at this moment, the wrong bra size. Some one or two smaller sizes, other one or two sizes larger. In any case, it is an error.

Bra or bra is one of the key pieces in the wardrobe of a woman since it provides not only the necessary support for the breasts and back, but it also helps the dressing room feels a lot better.

Then, what is the way to choose the correct size? The answer is simple: ladies, have to be measured. The sizes of fasteners are composed of numbers and letters that correspond to the band and cups. The band is Ribbon surrounding the rib cage and cups are covering the breast and they are the main components in the waist just support. To correctly measure your size you must put you front a mirror armed with a tape measure and a little patience.

Trust me, you will appreciate that wholesale suppliers have made the entire process .

To measure your band size

To measure your band size you must wear a bra without padding or, at best of the cases, not to use any. If a friend can help you better, slide the tape measure underneath your breastsaround your body. To measure correctly, the tape should be tight and your arms should be low. The measure should be in inches it is to this extent that the sizes of fasteners are divided. If the resulting number is not an integer, round it to the nearest whole number. If the resulting number is a non, down to the immediate lower torque number. The band should be fair but comfortable around your body since it will be the mainstay of the structure.

To measure your waist for drinks

To measure your waist for drinks you must measure the largest part of your breasts, so you will have to place the measuring tape around your back and over the area of the nipples. The tape must be right and fair, but not to the point of flattening your breasts already which would not be the correct size. Once again, if the measure is a decimal number, it rounds the number to the nearest integer.

Now is the time to apply mathematics. The difference between the measurement of the band and bust measurement results in the cup size. Simple right? Now, as the cup size is given by letters, what remains is to know the correlation.

Cup efforts begin in the AA and that size corresponds to when the difference between the size of the band and cup size is 0. When the difference is 1, the figure will be, when it is 2, the waist is B and so on.

Not all the cups that have the same letters are the same size. The cup size is related to the size of the band, and this is what you should keep in mind so the BRA fits you well. For example, a glass D will not be the same size in any Bra will not be the same a 32D to a 34 d, since the band is larger. An interesting fact, the difference between a letter and the other is simpler than you could think, one inch. This rule applies when the size of the band is the same.

Remember that each frame is built different, different fabrics, different forms, therefore, different measures. Although you confirm what your exact bra measurement, you never lead only by height. Whenever possible try it since you will not be the same size in all styles of bra.

Avoid by all means see you tempted by an offer and take a bra that does not fit you correctly. The lingerie is important and a good bra is a very good investment.