How to Organize a Slumber Party

If there is a party that all children will remember forever is a slumber party! Spend the night having fun with a group of friends and then sleep and waking up together is the best way to celebrate a birthday or simply promoting a convivial atmosphere for children. Nothin’ to it and the end result is pure joy and a different night, for kids and grown-ups.

The Occasion And The Day

A sleepover can be an excellent way to celebrate a birthday or to join friends of your son in the summer holidays or for Christmas, however, requires a guest list small, between five and eight children in total.Preferably, the slumber parties should be held on weekends, with the Saturday the best day: first because the next day is Sunday; and second because Friday is normally a day of tiredness and preparation for the weekend. Sleeping away from home – even if it’s at a friend’s House-is not suitable for all children, especially the younger ones, who are not used to being away from parents. The slumber parties that aim to stay overnight, must be designed for older children. For younger children, it may organize a slumber party that ends a little later, and the kids are already wearing pajamas and ready for bed when the parents come to pick up. Alternatively, the slumber party can be optionally be sleeping at the home of a friend or leave.

The Invitation

For being a kind of different party, the organisation of a slumber party requires an invitation to high! Although they can be bought, why not cook your own invitations along with your child in an afternoon of rain -inspired images of beds, pillows and slippers to create fun invitations and irresistible. In addition to include all the basic information (date, location, start time, end time, deadline for RSVP), don’t forget to include a short list of what every child should take (pajamas, slippers, sleeping bag, pad, change your clothes and toothbrush). Here at you can get more different models of the sleeping bags fashion. The invitation should also be extensible to the doll or stuffed animal that usually accompanies the child at bedtime!

The Space

The fun of a sleepover is the share of a space, so don’t worry if you don’t have beds for all the little guests-they will love sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor of the room all together! Decides that the space will be used for the slumber party and remove all furniture, as well as decorative elements valuable and/or fragile, placing them in another room. There must be enough space to accommodate all the sleeping bags and you can always add some cushions and poufs to make the environment even more comfortable. The decor can be festive and appropriately to a birthday party with balloons and wreaths, or referring to the theme of the night: extend a rope from one end of the room to the other and hang pajamas, pillowcases, socks, slippers and stuffed animals–so there is also an alternate in case someone forget something! You can, however, choose another theme: glow-in-the-dark stickers on the walls (Moon, stars and planets); If a party to a child, can create an environment of camping and tents; If a party to a girl, can recreate a spa environment with a salon for nails. Ideas for children’s parties abound, so turn the slumber party in a unique and unforgettable event. Has a space, private adjacent, where children can wear pajamas and keep your things. When you receive the small guests, please indicate them this site, as well as the bathroom. Then, let them feel at home.

The Menu

With a room full of kids in pajamas and hungry, the menu has to be fast and practical: pizza, mixed sandwiches and chips, juice boxes and milk, hot chocolate, popcorn, cookies, birthday cake, donuts or cupcakes are some good suggestions to satiate the appetite of young boys. The menu of the slumber party can include an early dinner so he could have a snack later; and must include breakfast the next day. Enjoy the sweets that may have left the night before, make French toast or pancakes, cereal with milk and pour give children good morning with a delicious breakfast that can take together before parting.

The Activities

A Pajama Party will not be complete without a fun movie and an animated pillow fight, but there are many other activities and games, perfect for a night of partying. Make a basket full of Board games for quietest moments and one or two disposable cameras to be children themselves to photograph the slumber party. Other original ideas include making jewelry, karaoke contest, play bingo, treasure hunt, bed bag set (a child leaves the room and the rest hiding in other sleeping bags other than your child back in and have to guess who’s where!); or decorate white pillowcases with fabric markers to after the children could sleep on their works of art. If the kids are too small, they require constant supervision – combine with one or two adults, which may be the parents of the children invited. Older children already are entertained better and will love being “independent” for one night–just go lurking how slumber party every 15 or 20 minutes. Have fun and good night!

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