How to Remove Creases from Leather Jacket


You’ve opened the closet of your room and you have found your favorite leather jacket completely wrinkled? It is obvious that, being of a delicate material and not suited to iron flat iron, you’ll have to proceed in a different manner to remove all creases. So here are some tips that you can put in place to bring back your jacket perfectly in shape and ready to be raised again. Here’s how to do it.

How to Remove Creases from Leather Jacket

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Steamer, humidity, clothes hanger, leather jacket.

The first method to eliminate every fold, is very easy and is absolutely free. Put your jacket on a hanger when buttoned and by having her hung upside for good in a safe place and repaired on your balcony all night.
Do this only if it is not raining and there is excessive wind that can fly away. Night moisture will make the fabric soft and, thanks to the weight of the jacket itself, slowly it’ll place alone and all the creases will disappear completely. A very simple method and at the same time not challenging.

You can also opt for another practical and comfortable solution. If in the morning you usually take a hot shower or a bath, place the jacket somewhere in the bathroom. While you’ll definitely get your hot bath, the leather jacket stretch virtually alone due to water vapor.

If they were to remain somewhat stubborn creases, then you can proceed by taking an ironing board and a Terry towel.
Place your garment over the shaft surface and cover thoroughly with a towel. Load the iron with water in the water tank and set a medium-high temperature. Slowly, with the steam iron, iron the leather jacket absolutely avoiding to do touch the plate to tissue, otherwise it would ruin it completely. Insist on stubborn spots and remember to exaggerate with steam to remove every little crease.

Another solution would be the use of vaporetto. If you don’t have the possibility to hang your jacket on the balcony for the night or while taking a shower, you can adopt the method of the steamer. Obviously you’ll have to use the flow always at arm’s length, avoiding staying too always stop at the same spot because you could completely ruin the leather fabric.
With these little tips, your jacket should return as new, without any annoying and ugly crease.
You just have to use these methods with high accuracy and attention.


Never forget:

  • Be careful not to move the iron to the jacket.