How To Remove The Folds Of A Plastic Tablecloth

The plastic tablecloths come in very comfortable, well dobladitos and very manageable packages (except for the rolls, they are manageable but not come dobladitos, obviously…). But when you open them, see that they have a very marked wrinkles!

If you want to remove folds of a plastic tablecloth to get a more ‘perfect’ effect, there are several options:

1) put the tablecloth on the dryer with a damp towel. Put it up for as much as two minutes, at one temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. (Very important this, the last thing you want is a tablecloth melted into your dryer!) Pulls the tablecloth, and stretch it a little on the table, smoothing the wrinkles with your hands. If this not removed, returns the mantel to the dryer and put it up for as much as a minute. Out, stretch, and repeat until you get to be smooth and without folds.

(2) with a hair dryer, heat the wrinkled area, stretching slightly with the other hand until the fold is not visible.Beware not to heat the tablecloth too, will end up with a melted hole!

(3) If you have time and a garden, let outside under the Sun for a whole day. The heat of the Sun should remove much of the wrinkles. If you have a drying rack, best, so gravity take you one-handed.

Do you have any trick that has worked for you?