How to Reuse Lego in Your Decor

A toy that gained a lot of fame during the 1990s was Lego. With colorful blocks and puppets, children could unleash their imaginations and build all that was possible within their play.
Today, this toy has become something more adult-oriented, with special kits to put together a whole city and even objects from movies like Star Wars and Batman. But of course there are those who are already sick of playing and do not know what to do with the pieces that have been forgotten inside the closet.
So here are some tips on how to use these little things in the home decor and even the office.

Object Holder

How about building a different and colorful piece with Lego parts? You can make a handy storage case to store mugs, cooking utensils or other items you prefer. In addition to creating a custom accessory, you’ll add a fun touch to the environment.

Picture Frames

To get away from those traditional picture frames that we find in stores and often do not demonstrate our personality, make some frames in the format you want to decorate your home or your desk. In addition to being able to remember the people you love from the photos, you’ll also get an extra color in your space.

Key Organizer

A very interesting way to reuse Lego parts is to build a fun keychain that attracts attention. With it, you will never risk forgetting your keys and you will find them with ease.

Wig Organizers

The hands of the Lego dolls are great for organizing the wires of cell phone chargers, iPods and headphones. That way, you can use the toys to keep the cables from being stored anyway, until they last longer. So, just choose the doll that you like best and put it on some mobile to facilitate your organization.

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