How to Reuse Toys for Decoration

Children grow up, their tastes change, but what seems to chase us and take up space are toys. The bigger the child, the more things accumulate and the parents get crazy without knowing what to do.
Those who are in good condition can be donated, but those who have broken or have small defects? They also have those toys that the person does not want to undo, for having an emotional meaning.
To solve all this, there are tips to learn how to renovate toys to help with the decoration and organization of your home. Check out some very interesting and inspiring ideas.

Clothing & Accessories

Many children like animal dolls and dinosaurs and because of their shape, they can turn into great clothes racks. To do this, just cut them in half, paint them a single color and fasten on wooden planks. Then just put it on the wall and it will serve to organize coats, purses and other objects.

Book Support

One problem for those who collect books is to keep them standing and organized. Enjoy large dolls to make bookends if they are not heavy enough, stick them to pieces of wood and paint them in a unique color. It will be a practical and fun decoration.


And how about giving more joy in your little plants? Most dinosaur dolls are hollow, so just make a hole the size you want and fit your vines. If you want, paint them in different colors and live them.


Everyone knows at least one person who likes different accessories, so how about gifting it with a costume jewelry with toy miniatures? In addition to original, the person will have a unique piece.

In The Kitchen

Lastly, let’s enjoy the toys in the kitchen too. You can make a different dish to serve candies and cookies by fitting a dinosaur doll in the center. Another idea is to stick puppets on the lid of pots to serve as handles.

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