How to Sew a Jacket


Sew on their own clothes has many advantages, each dress is a unique boss, made, customized to suit your taste and, not least, you can have in your wardrobe a tailored garment at very low cost. Today we will see how to hand sew a jacket. This is undoubtedly a piece of clothing in the wardrobe essential, both male and female, the jackets do not know the dark periods, which are elegant or sporty, luxurious fabrics or not, are by far the protagonists of all seasons.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Cloth (Financedns)
  • Pattern choice
  • Sewing kit (needle, thread, seamstress chalk, scissors)
  • Sewing machine
  • Buttons and various decorations

The easiest method to sew one is to start by getting a pattern that reflects their needs for size and type of jacket that you will achieve. The patterns can be found on newsstands, in fabrics shops and on the internet. Then he will proceed to the purchase of cloth, taking care to wash it and iron it to enable it to retreat before starting to sew our jacket.

At this point we will have to divide all the sheets of paper pattern, that will help create the various parts of the jacket. Subsequently ricalcheremo with chalk dressmaker the various forms on the fabric and ritaglieremo with a 1.5cm margin, which will serve for the final seam.

To get a result as symmetrical as possible you have to work in parallel, we have to imagine that our garment is made ​​to the mirror.
For example, the sleeves will be done together, overlaying the fabric pattern on paper, staring at the two fabric layers of slow points (basting) using a sewing thread color that stand out on the fabric. The slow points serve to give an initial shape to our dress and, thereafter, will be cut away with much ease.

Once you finished cutting the various parts that make up the jacket we are ready to merge them together with the help of a machine for sewing. It is important to use a wire that recalls the color of the fabric and make the seams always on the wrong side of the fabric so that when work is not visible much. At this point we can finish the edges of our jacket making a turn with a flap at ‘internal. Then add to the closure which may be constituted by buttons or by a zipper closure, depending on the model that we have chosen.

If we opted for the buttons you will need to make buttonholes on the opposite side. Generally jackets men have the buttons on the right and the slots on the left and those from the other woman. This comes from a military use for which, bringing the arms to the left, the extraction of the sheath is not hampered by the overlap of the flaps of the jacket. Of course, nowadays, nothing prevents us to put the buttons on the side of the jacket we want. For the realization of the slots can proceed either by hand or by machine. The hand-procedure guarantees a good result but requires considerable skill, the machine process is definitely easier (just run the instructions of our sewing machine) and still good results. Now that our jacket is finished we can indulge ourselves with pockets, contrast cuffs, and various decorations. We will have created a unique item of clothing and undoubtedly of wide use.