How to Soothe the Morning Nausea

One-third of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness . Usually begin in the sixth week of pregnancy, but may appear at any time. Morning sickness does not just happen in the morning and its intensity varies from person to person.

How to Soothe the Morning Nausea

The morning sickness is one of the characteristic symptoms of a pregnancy.

In some pregnant women morning sickness is really serious, but most symptoms usually disappear around the 16th week of pregnancy.

9 Tips to end nausea


Although there is no miracle solution there are little tips and behaviors you can take to minimize the symptoms.


Make frequent and light meals. Avoid being too long without food because an empty stomach helps the onset of motion sickness because it increases the production of acids in the stomach.

# 3

Drinking lots of liquids: water, natural fruit juices, milk and soups, you should avoid sugar and fizzy drinks. Fresh drinks help relieve some of the sickness.

# 4

Avoid fatty or overly seasoned foods. Make a diet rich in fruits, fish, lean meats, and whole products.

# 5

Chew the food slowly to be more easily assimilated by the body, avoid drinking liquids during meals.

# 6

Sleep rested to avoid stress, sleep in a calm environment and with all the necessary comfort.

# 7

Air the house, open the windows in this way, helps to eliminate the bad smells and the smell of food.

# 8

If you are one of the thousands of pregnant women who wake up with the feeling of nausea, get up calmly, always have a few crackers of salt and water at the head of the bed and eat before you even get up.

# 9

If nausea persists, you can opt for some traditional dishes such as eating raw apple, eating almonds in shell. There are still some medications that help relieve the symptoms but you should not take anything without asking for medical advice.

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