How to Style Your Hat

There he is, as promised-the red hat in Action. The small station of our town was spontaneously photo Location. but I also had to immediately think of a station when I bought the red hat. I do not know why. but I knew immediately that I wanted to combine it with the beige winter coat and a scarf.

The coat you already know-I have him in the last year as my winter favorite f shown ÜR the cold days. The cloth had been a brief appearance here on the blog – it was one of my Autumn Accessories for ü30Blogger Special in September.

I have found that our small town railway station is not so suitable for photos. Although there were some funny looks, but something I do not mind that. As aptly even a red train rolled through the picture, I was very happy with my choice of photo Location – despite curious glances real travelers

Do you have another combination ideas for me? HOW would you style your hat?
See you soon,
your Anke