How To Use a Crop Top

The crop tops or also called top short have been very much in vogue today, and that is them famous look it on the red carpet. So you don’t use it. Small, short, sleeveless, the crop tops reveal the abdomen and although they are suitable for any kind of body it is essential to have a sexy figure.

How To Use a Crop Top

If you want to incorporate this fashion trend, see the following ideas to use a crop top.

-Combine your crop top with leather garments

A great choice for combining a crop top with leather garments either a skirt, shorts or trousers. For an elegant look combining your crop white top with a black leather skirt.

-Combine your crop top black with black garments.

The crop top looks super good if you join a look of the same color. Perhaps it is the case of actress jessica alba who opted for a crop top black with a skirt of the same color.

A very elegant, modern look and it always looks fashionable.

-Combine your crop top with striped clothes

You can be bolder and combine the top crop with another fashion trend: Stripes. You can do as the model doutzen kroes, and look a look striped from head to feet, or you can choose by only a garment to stripes. Any of the two options will be a very good choice.

-Combine your crop top with printed garments

The crop tops look super good with designs stamped or combined with printed can opt for a crop top white and combine it with a stamped as that of model jamie king, skirt or pants.

You can also make upside down and combine a crop top stamped with smooth pants or a skirt.

-Combine your crop top with pants

The crop top is very versatile and looks great with so many clothes. And the pants are no exception.

You can look spectacular with a crop top black pants, colorful as that of the model diane kruger, or go for a more classic look with smooth pants.

-Combine your crop top black with white garments

A crop top black and a garment down white or vice versa, or even a combination of the two. Keep in mind that the combination of black and white never fails. You can combine a crop top with a skirt cinched as the actress christina ricci and look modern and elegant.and don’t forget to add colorful accessories to give a touch of colour to the look.

-Combine your crop top with pants, oxford

There is no doubt that the model diane kruger that knows how to use a crop top. On this occasion, it shows us that the short top also look super well for an everyday look. You can do as the model and combine a trouser oxford’s high shot with a crop top cotton, that will look super good.

-Combine your crop top with a long chiffon skirt

Another great look for a crop top is with a long skirt. In that case, you can combine the crop top both neutral and printed with a colorful skirt.