How to Use Hiking Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag can provide protection and comfort on your next hiking expedition. The bag can keep dry in inclement and toasting time even in the coldest temperatures. Here are some tips for using your sleeping bag.


  • Choose a quality bag. The style “Mummy” does a good job of keeping warm hikers. You can choose synthetic suitable, a special women’s or down filling and several choices of accessories. When you buy a bag, think of the coldest temperature can be seen in and falls down another 10-20 degrees.
  • Line. A liner is necessary for maximum heat retention, if you are going to go hiking in the colder months. Otherwise, heat can escape through various routes while sleeping, even through the zipper or sewing bag.
  • Use of the campaign. Since most heat loss occurs through his head, a campaign is absolutely essential. Acts to trapping air around your head and you insulation for added warmth. If the bag does not come with a hood, buy one separately in a specialty outdoors shop.
  • Fill the pillow pocket. After a long day of hiking, there is nothing you want rather than put his head on a nice soft pillow. Some bags come with them in versions stuffed animals or inflatable, while other pocket inserts can be purchased separately.
  • Plan ahead. Most bags are so versatile that they can be used in any kind of weather. You can unzip the vents during warmer months or keep them zipped up to the end with a sweatshirt with hood and lining. Just don’t forget the accessories you need. If you sleep on the floor turns out to be hard for you, consider buying a cushion to make you more comfortable. These are extremely lightweight and easy to pack.