How to Use: Looks for the Beach!

If you can not take this heat, the best way is to enjoy it … on the beach! A hug for the readers of this giant Brazilian coast! Today’s post will give you ideas on how to wear clothes for the beach.It’s summer that I take the dust off my bikinis and take the first plane to Rio de Janeiro.I even gave luck because it just started to rain in the capital today, but I managed to get a beach a few days ago.

I’m not much of an accessory fan on the beach. Many girls like to wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings … I put at most a very small earring (so as not to be in danger of losing it). Necklaces and bracelets usually make a marking on the body at the time of sunbathing, so do not think a good idea. One thing I find very charming is to put a scarf in the hair with a pretty pretty tie. It is useful when it comes out of the water, because it holds the hair in place .Another option is to wear a hat, which can be straw.

One model of swimwear that is becoming more and more popular is retro at Panties with higher waists, slightly larger swimsuits … Preferably, red, navy blue or black. This modeling is good for all body types because it puts the fat in place. Besides, it’s cute!I’m already crazy looking for a retro bathing suit to call mine!

1. Beach Looks:just the bikini

2. Beach Looks:just the swimsuit

3. Beach Looks:Bikini + short

4. Beach Looks:Bikini + blouse + short

5. Beach Looks:maiô + short

6. Looks for the beach:bikini + skirt

7. Beach Looks:bathing suit + skirt

8. Beach Looks:dress

9. Beach looks:blouse on top

10. Famous with Beach Looks