How to Use Retro Style Furniture Decoration?

See the complete guide about how to use retro style furniture decoration and start leaving your house inside of this trend.

How to Use Retro Style Furniture Decoration?

Fashion retro style is on the rise, both for clothes and for the decoration of environments. With this, there has been an increase in number of retro style furniture stores. But, you know how to use them in your decor without leaving your home look outdated?

Before we start giving tips, how about understanding a little more about what is the retro style?

Retro style: fashion is this?

Unanimity in the universe, retro style decorative has firmed as a trend capable of bringing personality and simplicity to the environments.

Note however that, although similar, retro and vintage decorations have differences. Is considered vintage all play with more than 20 years and who has not gone through structural changes, in addition to being in perfect state of conservation. Retro parts already are new items, but their models are based in past decades.

The inspiration for the retro pieces are the most varied and encompass the decades of 20, 30, 50, 60 and even mid-90. And the coolest thing is that you have a brand new part, but with the same modeling of ages past. That is, you do not need to make any reform or restoration on your mobile, in addition he was, for the most part, more affordable than the vintage pieces. For all these reasons is that fashion retro decoration has become so strong.

Now, how about jotting down some tips to learn how to use furniture with retro style in your decorating?

-Retro style Furniture: discover your decade

Before you go around ordering furniture retro style, how about finding out what the decade that inspires you most? As we said, today’s retro decor very democratic and various eras and styles can coexist in the same environment.

Do a little research and find out which suit you best retro style furniture, then try to inform about the decade that they represent. Although the more usual today are 50 years furniture, there are many other inspirations that you can enjoy and use in your home.

Some examples of retro-style furniture and their respective decades are:

-chairs and armchairs with toothpicks which refer to the ‘ 50

-furniture with rosewood and heavier aspects are typical of the 60

-the famous Verner Panton Chair is an example of the transition period between the 60 and 70

-modern and futuristic furniture and inspiration in nature and Indian fabrics marked the Decade of 70

-in this decade are also present the agglomerated wood furniture with laminated flooring

-Plastic furniture and colorful enough made the scene in the 90

-Retro style Furniture: the color that is the man of the past

Before you start assembling the furniture decoration your retro style is important to think in color palette that will use, because they dictate the style and are able to move with our imagination, giving more life to your decor.

The retro-style furniture have, in General, a sharp colored, often with the use of strong shades like yellow and red, especially in the 50.

However, they reigned absolute. The pastel shades are also present in many retro-style furniture, being these more present in the 60.

Not to miss, choice for retro-style furniture with warmer tones to the environments that receive greater flow of people and greater interaction, like the living room and dining area. In the rooms and in locations conducive to relaxation, opt for retro pieces with more delicate colors such as baby blue, burnt rose, gold, lilac, the olive green and white.

The textures and prints are also very recognizable brands of retro style furniture of the decades of 60 and 70 and deserve a special mention. In General, they appear following the bold style of decoration and mingling with other colors, generating unique prints, and recognized as the tie-dyes, the geometric, psychedelics, among others.

To maintain the harmony of your decoration, choose a patterned mobile to be the highlight and stay tuned regarding the other wall colors and other furniture.

-Retro style Furniture: merge parts

The coolest retro decoration is to be able to merge pieces of several decades with current items, which bring originality and modernity to your space, preventing your House from becoming a novel.

You may have a preference for a certain period in time to choose your furniture retro style, but try to merge them with decorative items from other decades as pop art paintings, cushions with Indian prints, walls with artwork and other aspects of different eras.

In addition, it is important to merge retro and current parts, to avoid your House look like an antique shop. This contrast between new and old is what makes a retro decor modern and current trend.

-Retro-style Furniture in the living room

This is the space of greater interaction in most homes, so you can take advantage of retro decor, with pictures, hottest colors and mixing of parts.

For smaller environments, however, the trick is to choose a retro-style mobile that is the highlight of the room. He will be responsible for giving the ‘ footprint ‘ of your decoration. So, if you love the 50 ‘s mobile, for example, opt for a beautiful rack with toothpick, or seats that same style bring charm and comfort. Then you just write the remainder of decorating with pieces of other decades and modern items. Do not forget to leave the lighter walls, if the remainder of your decoration follow the trend of stronger colors of the decades of 50 and 70.

If you already have a wider living room, bet on retro-style furniture that bring personality to the environment without polluting it. Examples are sofas and armchairs retro or a rack and a coffee table. Although larger environments can rely on stronger reeds it is important not to exaggerate in order not to lose the comfort of the living room.

-Retro-style Furniture in the rooms

The room is an environment that needs to bring a little more quiet and calm, so it is ideal to invest in retro style furniture that have softer tones such as pastels. This tip is valid, especially if you resolve to choose a key piece retro, like a bed or a closet.

If your room is already small, you can bring the retro style with small details like a headboard, the mirror’s frame, a dresser with foot stick, pop art-style psychedelic retro accessories or as phones and decorating items.

The drapes also help give a footprint more retro decoration. You can bet on prints of poá or flowers – if your environment is more discreet and romantic-or in patterns more psychedelic and even with illustrations of characters from other decades.

– Retro-style Furniture for the dining room and the kitchen

These environments are also very nice to receive a retro style. You can bet on more futuristic style chairs from the 60 in the early 90 ‘s or colored in the 50 ‘s. In addition, it is possible to merge the style of the chairs and also the pattern of the upholstery.

Another idea is to bet on a fine trimmer of the 50, with stronger color, such as yellow or bluish green.

For American kitchens, elongated foot stools with toothpick and strongest prints give the footprint of the retro style and may be merged with modern appliances.

In the kitchen area, you can also bring the retro style with objects and utensils with themes of past decades as a Spice rack, kettles, blenders, among others.

I note that the retro-style furniture are very versatile and while referring to the past, can suit different personalities and bring innovation and creativity to your home decor.

You can also use the retro style furniture in commercial environments, as shops and offices, for example, with beautiful chairs and benches of the years 50 and 60, that can be merged to more modern decoration objects. Depending on the sector in which it operates is possible to pass an image of creativity and elegance through the use of retro-style furniture. This decoration is often used in environments stripped and working with creation and advertising agencies, designers and architectural firms, for example.

Also be sure to use the color theory to be able to make beautiful compositions, since furniture with retro style, in General, do not have neutral shades and therefore require a little more knowledge in time to decorate.

And you, what did you think of our ideas? What are your favorite retro style furniture?