How To Use Social Shirts For Women

Although the name determine the social shirt is a social piece, your use is not just this. Some people use the shirt to fall in ballad and is elegant. Just combine with the right accessories and know how to value the piece in your body. The shirt when social well used, is one of the most elegant parts of the female wardrobe. And there are few possible errors with this piece so basic and so nice to use.

Models Of Social Women’s Shirt

The traditional all know: Open button shirt in half, long sleeves and buttons on the ends. But this is only an option. There is also the social .75 sleeve blouse model, known to go up to the elbow. Is social but at the same time discreet and elegant. Is great for anyone who doesn’t like the long sleeves and prefer the free arms, to use a clock or other accessories, for example.

Looks With Social Shirt

The combination of social shirt and the bottom can be as varied as your wardrobe. And a few mistakes are possible, just wondering what and when to use. Are good tips:

Social Shirt and slacks -you can’t go wrong in this. With such parts, you are ready to work and good parties with friends. Even for a formal dinner with friends or even dating. Clothes are the most elegant way of women perform on a first date.It scares some men for letting an air of leadership as a message, but also impresses many.

Social and social fair skirt Shirt -being a little above the knee or below it, the skirt always falls well to modern and stylish women. She also gives the opportunity to show a beautiful high heels or sandals bold, that’s a good tip to have two or three pencil skirts or fair in neutral colors to be ready for any occasion.

Social Shirt and short–if it is short, the combination is good for a casual stroll, a mix of casual and elegant and looks good even in environments that are asking fashion sport. A short jeans and shirt can go to the social shopping, visit a friend’s House and also combines with parties of friends.

Social Shirt with high-waisted skirt-another combination of a woman chic and elegant. But beware if you’re chubby: waist high fattening a little and let the stomach well prominent pointed out. With breasts the play falls very well too, especially long sleeve.

Shirt and shorts social social -fabric without the jeans combine best with the informality of bermuda, allowing the use of the combination of parts in both formal local, such as work environment, such as on a visit to relatives and a trip. Even in a walk by the sea of evening this double fine, as long as it is with accessories, like a sandal.

Social Shirt Smooth Or Stamped?

For a change in wardrobe, it is important to invest in two, but neutral colors in more quantity. You widen your choice of combination of parts with only three social shirts and two pants in single color, especially if they are not of the same colors. If all are stamped, they mark the visual.

But they’re good invested also shirts with just a few details, such as collars and sleeves. A great example is the Dudalina in your basic line for women, with only a few details. They’re beautiful, and allow various combinations.

Shoes For Use With Female Social

Formal clothes ask formal shoes, right? Yes, but it depends. If you are with a t-shirt but short shorts in social, why not use lower shoes? You can then use sandals, but not of Hawaiian type finger because the shirt asks for something more refined social. For more formal sites, closed-toe shoes, stiletto or clogs are always welcome. If the clothes do not have too many prints, can take advantage of belts and details in footwear without problems.

On the stock exchange, prefer the lateral templates near the shoulder and hand. The Mailman never bag matches well with clothes like social series on top, only if it puts on a short shorts. Oh yes worth abusing templates, even a backpack.