How to Use: Sports Shoes

Do you know the sneakers you use to go to the gym and walk? Well, it will also suit your day-to-day looks! Well, at least that’s what Vogue says. Among the trends that will rock next spring/summer in the Northern Hemisphere, sneakers, kicks or trainers will be present, as well as cropped length, pastel shades, neon colors and pencil skirts.

How to Use Sports Shoes

For you to have an idea, the sneakers appeared even in parades outside, and in several different looks, be it with dress, jeans, sweatpants … The two Moschino Cheap & Chic and Ashish brands were the ones that bet the most on the sports shoes in sportingology. In the first parade, they contrasted with the women’s clothes and in the second, they completed a geeky look.

I, in particular, prefer to wear sneakers with shorts, since the two form a very bare style and complement each other. However, as you will see below, you can wear it with skirt and dress as well. I think that to be successful, the main rule is not to let the sock appear. That is, wear a short beeeem half with your sneakers or do not wear socks at all. The look is more balanced and not so “school”. Fashion is really trying to become more comfortable for its consumers, is not it? In the last post were the backpacks and now, the sneakers.

I confess that I do not like this style of gym shoes, like the Nike colored ones. I prefer a more sober Adidas or Vans, with one or two colors, at most. I find it much more feasible to combine and less caricature. Opting for sneakers sometimes is good for a little change the heels and the sneakers and give a rest to the feet, ne not? Do you already adhere to or adhere to the trend of sneakers in “out of the box” looks?

1. Sneakers with Dress

2. Sneakers with Skirt

3. Sneakers with Short

4. Sneakers with Legging

5. Sneakers with Pants

6. Famous Sports Sneakers