How To Use Thin And Delicate Necklaces Mix?

Stylish and stylish.Every woman who loves jewelry knows that a necklace is one of the best allies to give a look at the visual, making it feminine and delicate.The joker of the season is to use several necklaces with delicate and delicate chains, of different sizes, being able to mix styles and textures.The necklace lengthens the silhouette and leaves the feminine and delicate look.Cool is leaving the mix with your personality.

Blogger Bianca Andrade loves mix of necklaces, among the top favorites are LOVE and CRUZ:

Can you wear it with a shirt? Break the seriousness of the shirt with two delicate necklaces. Just put it inside the shirt and that’s it! At Francisca Joias we have a double model that is my darling.

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Can you wear it with a dress?Ever!They match with tomara-fall dresses, V-neck or oval.With prints or smooth, just take care that the combination stays with your style.The most discreet can choose to mix necklaces with two delicate necklaces.

And if you really like a touch of delicacy bet on the collars point of light . They can be used alone or accompanied by other delicate necklaces!

Liked? There in Francisca has a huge variety of necklaces for all styles, and you can also check tips and inspirations there in the instagram of the brand. What are you waiting for? (I.e.

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