How to Value the Body, Fashion Tips

To learn how to enhance your body, you first need to know what the right kind of him. To find out, stay in front of the mirror and with a tape measure to measure your waist, one side to the other, shoulders, a little bone to the other and hips, also from one side to the other, however, at the widest part.

He Noted The Measures? Then, Compare With The Descriptions Below:

-Hourglass: the shoulders have the same measure of the hips and the waist is thinner. You like that? So prefer clothes with acinturado. Invest in belts and tracks to mark your waist.

-Triangle (inverted): the shoulders are larger than the waist. Those who practice swimming for many years, has this biotype. You like that? Vista clear parts and bulky on bottom, top, bet on dry and dark parts, this will balance the silhouette.

-Pear: shoulders and hips are narrower than the hips. You like that? At the bottom, use dry parts in dark tones. Let the bright colors and the bulky moulds to the top.

-Oval: the width of the waist is bigger than the shoulders and the hips. You like that? Necklines “V” and “U” are his allies. Highlight your legs with dresses and skirts about one inch above the knee.

-Rectangle: the hips, waists and shoulders has virtually the same measure. You like that? Then choose clothes lightly acinturadas, leave a little aside the turtlenecks and invest in models with necklines “V” or “U”.

-Prints: the pictures are beautiful, but dangerous, because they provide visual volume. If you’re in dresses, fall well into any body, but separated in coats, tops and pants, mostly ask for caution and common sense, because they increase the silhouette. The vertical stripes are free to any body because stretch and lose weight. Bet on vintage floral prints, abstract and small themed designs. Ethnic and geometrical themes are also trend. Time to combine them, look for ones that have something in common, such as pattern or color.

-Highlight the waistline. Always try to give prominence to your waist. Dresses and skirts acinturadas in tissue fluids help keep the proportions, and value curves. Invista also belts, and parts in wheeled cuts, such as evasé.

-Watch out for modeling adjusted too much. Avoid tight clothes and exaggerated necklines. Attention when choosing skirts and short shorts or pants very glued; that can result in a look rather than elegant, vulgar. When buying pants and shorts you prefer, then the highest waist to help disguise the tires and to highlight even more the tapered region of your body.

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