How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Go in bicycle is a healthy activity for the well being of body and mind, as well as being a means of transport that respects the environment. Remember, however, to be careful and to always wear a safety helmet. It must be said that today, in Italy, for cyclists does not apply no obligation to wear a helmet, but it is appropriate to do so, using properly this safety device that could save your life. Just follow the simple rules that ensure the absolute protection of the head during accidental falls or in the event of collision or impact against things or people.

Make sure you have at hand:

A little bit of common sense.

First, you should never put the helmet without connecting it: it would be useless in the event of an accident, as it would slide off the head without protect her bump, and may even be dangerous. The helmet should fit properly (a too big helmet would lose all its effectiveness). Remember that should wrap the head well, so as to protect both the front and the back of the head; in general, they should remain uncovered a couple of centimeters between the eyebrows and the edge of the helmet.

Adjust thus squeezing the straps under the chin so that the helmet is secure, it does not move and adheres well to the head. The straps should be taut but should not over-tighten, nor cause any discomfort; you must be able to turn the head without difficulty, both right and left. Never wear any garment under the helmet, as this may become loose. And remember that a fastened helmet hurt in an accident or fall, could in extreme cases strangle the cyclist or cause him serious injury.

The helmet must be changed after any impact or significant buy ativan impact, although at first glance does not seem damaged. It may have, in fact, small cracks not visible to the naked eye and thus not having its protective function. Only a helmet in good condition can ensure a protection adequate. In any case, the helmet should be replaced after five years of purchase, because the materials it is made ​​of age and deteriorate due to the action of atmospheric agents and pollution. Read  pauldigo to get ideas of how to choose bicycle helmets.

Finally, remember that the bike helmet is designed just for that purpose and can not be used during the practice of other activities or other sports. Of course, there are helmets for everyone, so you will hardly find one that suits your style. The essential accessories on the slopes How to choose the snowboard helmet How to choose clothing for cycling How to jump with your bike.